• How to find your zodiac sign?

    Daria Shpolyanskaya
    Daria Shpolyanskaya
    August 13, 2012
    How to find your zodiac sign?

    The signs of the zodiac are the main element of astrology, but in astronomical terms they have only historical significance. Their names come from the zodiac constellations in which the sun is located during its annual movement. Also according to one of the versions, the signs of the zodiac received their names in honor of the feats of Hercules.

    And now let's look at how to find out your zodiac sign. For this, only the day and month of birth will suffice.

    Zodiac signs by dates

    • People born in the interval between January 21 and February 18 will live under the sign of Aquarius, their element - Air.
    • In the period from February 19 to March 20, Pisces was born, the element - Water.
    • From March 21 to April 20, Aries were born, their element - Fire.
    • Those born between April 21 and May 20 will be under the sign of Taurus, their element - the Earth.
    • In the period from May 21 to June 21, the sign of Gemini reigns, their element is Air.
    • People who were born from June 22 to July 22 will live under the sign of Cancer, their element is Water.
    • From July 23 to August 22, the sign of Leo rules, he is under the auspices of the fire element.
    • In the period between August 23 and September 22, the Virgos are born, their elements - the Earth.
    • Those born between September 23 and October 23 are under the sign of Libra, their element is Air.
    • People born between October 24 and November 22 are influenced by the sign Scorpio, their element is Water.
    • Those born between November 23 and December 21 belong to the sign of Sagittarius, their element is Fire
    • People born from December 22 to January 20 are under the sign of Capricorn, their element - the Earth.

    Hopefully, now it has become clear to you how to find out which zodiac sign is in you and your relatives!

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