• How to lay slate

    You will need
    • - slate;
    • - slate nails.
    To begin with, calculate how many sheets of slate you will need, while keeping in mind that the sheets are overlapping. If you live in a wooded area or just near a lot of trees, the amount of overlap is better to increase (plant seeds, leaves, branches, needles are clogged in the cracks and swell, debris becomes more and more, and the roof begins to leak). Select the type of slate. Today, in addition to the traditional asbestos cement rubber slate is produced. It is more flexible, light and elastic, resistant to atmospheric conditions, but not so cold-resistant and well-lit.
    Dismantle the old roof, while ensuring that all nails are pulled out. Inspect the rafters, replace those that have become unusable. Make a formwork for a new roof (if the old formwork is in good condition, you can leave it).
    As an additional protection against leakage, place a layer of roofing material or insulation on the crate.
    Start laying slate.Start from the bottom corner and gradually move in such a way as to ensure the evenness and symmetry of the structure. Cut the sheets of the desired size with the help of the grinder, it is better to use special metal circles with a diamond coating.
    Lay the next sheet of slate so that one wave of it lies on the wave of the previous sheet. When you go to the second row, put at least 10 cm of the new row onto the bottom row to prevent the roof from leaking.
    Block each sheet with special slate nails. To exclude the possibility of tearing and the appearance of microcracks, drive the nail into the “crest” of the slate wave, retreating from the edge for a sufficient distance. If you decide to put rubber slate, hammer nails, on the contrary, into the gutter and as close as possible to the overlap, in order to make the structure more rigid.
    The reliability of the roof depends largely on the length of the nail, so choose long nails so that they pierce not only the upper board of the batten, but also reach the lower boards.

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