• How to lead a married man?

    Married men can meet with their mistresses for years, promise that they will �finally be determined� in a short time, talk to their wife that you will be happy together. But no specific steps to change their marital status do not take. Someone gives up and breaks up with her beloved, and someone continues to fight for his happiness until the end, and constantly comes up with new and new ways to lead a married man.

    What you need to know

    What needs to be done so that your efforts are crowned with success? First of all, it is necessary to figure out what he lacks in his own family, what is he trying to find in the relationship on the side? For example, if he is tired of domestic scandals, it is unlikely that you will change the situation in your favor if you start to pressure him and demand a quick divorce, to arrange hysteria and scandals, to be offended or remain silent. In order for a man to stay, he must be with you well. Much better than the old family. He hardly wants to change one scandal to another.

    Not all men love to discuss their wives with mistresses. If your man is ready to shake in front of you with family underwear, to enthusiastically discuss all the shortcomings of the second half, without disdaining intimate details, then such an instance is hardly worthy of your efforts. If a man tries to keep silent about questions about his family, try to talk to him. Act very delicately and gradually. Why do you need it? In order to make the most accurate portrait of his rival, as they say, the enemy must be known in person. To understand how to lead a married man, you need to clearly know what attracts him in family life, what is dear to him and what, on the contrary, repels.

    What should and should not be done

    • Having determined that annoying your chosen one in his current wife, it will be easier for you to correct your own behavior, get rid of unacceptable habits and disguise unpleasant character traits.
    • For example, your man is annoyed by the negligence of his wife in home clothes, which means you should always try to keep fit. If he is offended by his spouse because she has made a mess at home and is not preparing him dinner, then you should keep your apartment in perfect order and always prepare delicious home-made food for his arrival.
    • Let him take care of you, participate in your life, ask for help and do not forget to thank for it. The more he invests in you (including feelings and emotions), the more difficult it will be for him to abandon you.
    • Learn to listen to him. Every man needs to be understood. Discuss with him his affairs, problems, hobbies. If he wants to share something with you, never brush it off. After all, in order for a person to want to be constantly there, he must have full confidence in you, feel the spiritual kinship with you, and know that he will always be supported and understood.

    And finally, a few tips on what to do if you want to take away a married man.

    • In no case do not blackmail him with your pregnancy: neither real, nor even fictional. Thus, you are likely to simply push him away. Men are arranged differently, and he will perceive the news of your pregnancy as a desire to drive him to a hopeless situation.
    • Do not insist on an immediate decision to divorce. But you can tell him how you love him, and how hard it is for you in a similar situation.
    • You should never come to his wife, talk about your relationship, try to make contact with her and honestly share a man.He already feels a sense of guilt, and in the case of a direct collision, it is likely that he will go over to the side of the �offended�. Not to mention the fact that such a situation is simply insulting to him.
    • Do not try to redo it, do not impose your tastes on it, do not criticize it. If you are absolutely not satisfied with something in him, then it makes sense to find another man for yourself, and not to redo it for yourself.

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