• How to learn go-go

    You will need
    • - shoes with heels;
    • - audio system;
    • - tight training clothes;
    • - a mirror.
    Choose the right music. Go-go is danced to fast, rhythmic club styles - house or trance, sometimes to dynamic pop music. In selected tracks there should be a clear rhythm, effects of slowing down and speeding up the melody.
    Go-go is a constant movement. During the dance can not stand still. Begin to dance with the usual shifting of feet and steps forward and to the side - do it in time with the music and add a slight rocking of the body.
    Connect the hips. Describe their amplitude eights, small circles, or make dynamic side strokes. Combine the movement of the hips with steps.
    If you have mastered the previous steps, time to work with your hands. During fast moments, they move abruptly and rhythmically, while during slow ones they describe smooth waves. Try not to give up too low - in the go-go dance, the broad movements in the upper plane look beautiful.Do not forget the steps.
    In the slow moments of music, you can take beautiful poses, make waves with your body or hips, wave your arms and hair. During the slow part do not forget to move, but more plastic. Use this time to catch your breath.
    Think up about five basic movements and combine them in various combinations. Go-go is an improvisation, so every time add something new to the elements. Examples of basic movements:
    - steps with thighs;
    - waves with a body with arms sliding around the body;
    - shifting from foot to foot with the lowering and raising of the body;
    - forward beating with squatting and lifting the body;
    - Eight hips with squats and the transition to the wave body.
    The standard go-go output lasts about 15 minutes. So do not start the dance with dynamic, fast movements. First, warm up, make a few simple elements. Give all the best 3-5 minutes after the start of the performance. In a few minutes the slow part of the track, where you can rest, usually follows. Then fast music plays again.
    Watch for facial expressions in the dance. The go-go should kindle the crowd, you need to smile, play with your eyes, convey the mood of the music. However, you should not sing the words of the track - it looks ugly.

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