• How to learn to dance break dance at home

    Many people are fond of dancing. This lesson helps to acquire skills for harmonious and free movement, to learn how to own a body. Break dance teaches rhythm and free expression. Therefore, I will tell you how to break dance at home to children, adolescents and adults.

    Break dance is a successful fusion of dance styles and styles. This skillful improvisation to the sounds of rhythmic music clearly demonstrates human thoughts. It looks unusual and beautiful and will easily repel club dances and hip-hop.

    Contrary to seeming simplicity, mastering the dance is not easy. If you look closely, we note that in order to create a complete picture, a professional dancer has to perform many movements of varying degrees of difficulty.

    The birthplace of dance is New York. Born break dance in the Bronx. In the 70s, people appeared in this area of ​​the American megalopolis, moving to the sounds of dance music in a peculiar way.The dance is called “Good Foot.”

    During the dance, performers often fell to the floor. They did not writhe in pain, but performed beautiful elements of rotation. Thanks to the efforts of the team "RockSteadyCrew" dance became unsurpassed. The group members made the dance elements individual and attractive.

    Later, Puerto Ricans managed to bring the dance to a new level. They managed to achieve such a result by applying a large number of acrobatic tricks and new dance elements. In those days, films about martial arts were popular. As a result, the dancers included elements of the struggle in breakdance.

    The popularity of break dance was constantly growing until 1997, when young people stopped paying much attention to dance. Nevertheless, some people who remained loyal to the dance continued to train.

    Step-by-step action plan

    In our time, a huge number of dance movements, which are difficult to master. Only a person who succeeds in overcoming fear and believing in his own strength can succeed.

    • First of all, pay attention to the physical form of your body. Maximize your flexibility, endurance and strength.Squeeze out, pull up, swing arms and legs. Work out all muscle groups.
    • Start with simple movements, gradually increasing the level of complexity. Such an approach will help prepare the body and gradually build up the skill.
    • Pay special attention to the study of techniques of tricks and movements. Repeat them until you get the perfect result. Do not forget, the basis of breakdance are constant training.
    • In the process of mastering the next movement, pay attention to the general features and fine details. It is recommended to move on to new movements after a thorough study of the previous ones.
    • Headstand - an essential element of breakdance. In the first stage, make it near the wall. Do not interfere with the help of an outsider who can support.
    • Train in a spacious room. Before training, free up as much space as possible in the room. Otherwise, the movements will be constrained and cramped.

    Video training for beginners

    I recommend to buy a tutorial that will help you learn the basics of dance and prepare for serious training.

    How to Dance a Break Dance for Children

    Break dance is a dance potentially dangerous for children.It provides for performing various tricks and complex movements. The risk of falling and getting an unpleasant injury is high. If you want the child to become an expert in the field of this dance direction, write it down in a special school.

    1. Beginners consider warming up as a waste of time. As a result, this often leads to stretching and tearing. Break dance involves performing complex dance elements. Muscles and ligaments must be reheated and prepared.
    2. Do not allow your child to work in public. Trying to demonstrate skill can make an unsuccessful attempt. This is fraught with ridicule, which can cause the loss of the desire to learn further.
    3. Teach your baby to look at an unfamiliar place to practice and evaluate the quality of the surface. You can not immediately rush to perform complex movements. It is dangerous for health.
    4. Excessive enthusiasm does not lead to good. If the child is tired, the time to stop. Otherwise, fatigue can cause injury. The intensity of training should be moderate.
    5. Everyone is afraid of something, because fear is a manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation.If the child is afraid to perform a certain dance element, do not push. Over time, the kid will gain experience and overcome the barrier.
    6. Uncertainty interferes with the performance of tricks and movements. Often it leads to serious consequences and appears during the execution of a certain element. The dancer begins to doubt the strength for various reasons. These include trauma, a long pause in classes and others. Therefore, to begin to help the child recover and regain confidence.
    7. If a child trains on the street, do not allow it to do in the heat. Intense physical exertion at high temperatures adversely affect the work of the heart. Plus, such an exercise can cause dehydration.
    8. For dance classes required the correct equipment. First of all, buy a child comfortable shoes that fit well on their feet and withstand a heavy load. It is not out of place to acquire elbow pads, knee pads, a special cap and elastic bandage. All this is useful in the study of elements of high complexity.
    9. The child needs clothes that do not restrict movement.When choosing, be guided not by image and fashion, but by convenience and safety.

    I did not focus on exercises, movements, and tricks. Information about this can be found in various sources, including books, CDs and the Internet.

    Video Tips

    In the presence of certain diseases doctors do not recommend dancing breakdance. We are talking about diabetes, injuries, limiting the mobility of joints, diseases of the heart, spine and respiratory organs.

    Breakdance training for adults

    On TV constantly show videos in which young people perform a variety of tricks. After watching many guys and girls have a desire to acquire the same skills.

    To achieve a result in break dance without constant practice and regular training will not work. My story will tell you where to start and how to act to achieve the goal.

    People with poorly developed body and weak muscles can not break-dance. Only a strong, flexible and enduring person can do it. To get started, type physical form.

    • Perform strength exercises at home or in the open air.At home, press your fists, train the press and pull yourself up. Pay special attention to pull-ups. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the arms and chest, pumps the shoulders. Outdoors, practice at the sports fields.
    • After strengthening the muscles master handstand and head. At first, use a prop. Over time, the stand will work without it. Do not disregard and vertical pushups.
    • Be sure to work on flexibility. Simple exercises that provide all kinds of slopes, stretches and deflections will help. Perfect exercise "bridge".
    • After gaining strength and flexibility, learn the tricks. Watch the tutorial videos. If you like a certain trick, carefully study the technique of its implementation and act gradually.
    • Start with the basic elements. Technique of execution in the network is described in sufficient detail. Therefore, I do not paint it. Just introduce you to several basic figures of breakdance.

    The main elements of break dance

    • "Crab". One of the main elements of break-dance. " Represents the rotation on the hand. The execution involves the pumped muscles of the arms.At first, learn to stand on your arm bent at the elbow, using your other hand as an insurance. Improving skills, do spins and jumps.
    • «Gelik». Another important element. The technique of execution may seem very difficult for a beginner. But, without this element it will not be possible to learn spectacular and complex stunts. "Gelik" - a complex rotation through the back from the position of "crab", accompanied by swinging legs.
    • «Web». When you master “Gelik”, there will be no problems with this “web”. Represents an intricate rotation in which both hands participate.

    Tips will help you master the basic elements, then switch to tricks that are hard to perform. Before active workouts be sure to review more than a dozen videos.

    Many people dance break dance, and new opportunities provided by musical compositions, contributed to its development. I note that break dance is the only style where a dancer moves in two different planes.

    Each dancer can choose which type of dance to prefer. But, for the development of style requires good physical preparation. All muscle groups are used in the dance.Therefore, to swing muscles before training is necessary.

    To look good on the dance floor, not enough to properly move to the music. You will need to come up with your own unique style. Thanks to this quality a dancer can loudly declare herself and achieve success.

    Video lesson for beginners

    A lot of dance schools teach break dance. It takes only desire and mood. However, they are engaged in dance and at home. The only thing that can interfere with the fulfillment of a dream is health problems.

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    If the body wants to move actively, be sure to dance. Do not deny him and yourself the pleasure.

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