• How to learn to fly?

    A person who dreams of heaven can choose the profession of a pilot. This work is both romantic and very responsible. From the pilot of the aircraft requires a lot of skill and skill that can be obtained during training and subsequent practice.

    Where and how is flight training taught?

    You can learn to fly on an airplane after completing flight school. If the goal is to work in the field of civilian traffic, then you need to choose a civil aviation unit, since there is also a military one, where pilots are trained for service in the air forces. Duration of study depends on the type of educational institution: 2 years 10 months. - secondary technical education, 5 years - higher.

    You can still get accelerated training in flight schools, based on the principle of flying clubs; They issue a certificate for amateur pilots, which allows you to control light aircraft.

    Before you learn to fly, you will need to undergo a full medical examination, because the pilot must be in good health, because he is responsible not only for his life, but also for the lives of passengers on board the aircraft.

    Training program

    The pilot training program includes such important disciplines as aerodynamics, radio exchange phraseology, aviation meteorology and, of course, aircraft design. For successful learning can not do without a good knowledge of mathematics and physics.

    Before the pilot makes his first flight in the real sky, he will have to work out all the necessary skills on a special simulator, which is a complete copy of the aircraft cabin and fully simulates the conditions of take-off, landing and stay of the aircraft in the sky.

    As soon as all skills are brought to automatism, the future pilot is allowed to real flights along with the instructor. By acquiring all the necessary knowledge and flying hours, you can finally get the coveted certificate of the pilot.

    Civil Aviation Classification

    Flight “rights”, like driving, have several categories:

    • Evidence of an amateur pilot. Issued in aviation training centers to persons who have undergone special training and have a raid of at least 42 hours;
    • Certificate of commercial aviation pilots.Gives the right to manage civil aircraft for commercial or educational purposes. It has a division into classes. A class III pilot must have 200 flying hours, of which 100 are independent, 20 hours are instrument flight. Pilot II class - 1500 hours, of which the independent is 1000, night - 50 hours. A commercial aviation pilot of class I, in addition to positive certification and high marks for piloting techniques, should have 3000-4000 total flight hours, 100 of them at night;
    • Evidence of a linear pilot. Gives the right to fly as an aircraft commander. To obtain it, you need to have 1500 flight hours, 100 of them - performing the duties of a commander or 1000 - working as a co-pilot, 10 hours - night piloting, 20 - instrument flights.

    What the pilot should know

    Upon completion of training, a person who wants to learn how to fly an airplane must possess the necessary knowledge and skills, namely, be able to:

    • plan a flight;
    • to carry out preflight preparation, making calculations, inspection of instruments and on-board equipment;
    • perform the launch, taxiing and movement of the aircraft at the aerodrome;
    • take off and land (including in adverse weather conditions);
    • maneuver;
    • fly the route using visual landmarks and radio navigation aids;
    • fly at the minimum and maximum allowable airspeeds;
    • go to the second round (in case of difficulties with the first approach);
    • strictly adhere to the rules of air traffic, phraseology and radiotelephone communications;
    • to act quickly in difficult and unforeseen situations.

    Cost of education

    Tuition is different depending on the school. So some flying clubs teach theory for about 40,000 rubles, and every hour of practice it costs about 10,000 (multiply by 40 hours of flight time and you will receive the cost of training for an amateur pilot).

    However, you can become a pilot for a much smaller amount by enrolling in an educational institution on a budget, for example, in the Ulyanovsk Higher Flight School of Civil Aviation.

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