• How to learn to have sex?

    Unfortunately or fortunately, the art of sexual relations is only realized in practice. Few who begin their sex life already owns this art. And it is not true when they say that for the first time everything will turn out by itself, they say, our instincts will not let us down. Of course, the natural instinct and “memory of ancestors” will play their part. And yet it needs to be learned. How to learn to have sex? How to start learning the technique of sex? And what is the theoretical minimum of knowledge you need to get in order to understand how and what needs to be done? Let's see.

    Where to begin?

    To start, however trite it sounds, you need to start from the beginning. If you want to become a skillful partner in an intimate relationship, then you must first study the anatomy of the human body. First of all, you should know how the internal and external genital organs of a person are arranged. For such an elementary educational program, an ordinary anatomy textbook will suffice.

    Authoritative sources on sexology will also be helpful.These may be the same textbooks or popular publications. You need to find out what sex is as such, what are the components of a love act, what types of sex exist, what is considered normal and what is included in the category of sexual perversions.

    It is also necessary to theoretically study the erogenous (especially sensitive and causing sexual arousal) zones of the human body. After all, sex is not only sexual intercourse, but also foreplay.

    It is good if you learn to understand sexological terms and understand what erection, ejaculation, frictions, cunnilingus, fellatio, etc. are. After that, you can begin to learn the basics of sex technique.

    Master the technique of sex

    Starting to learn the technique of sex is also necessary with the acquisition of theoretical knowledge. What is the technique of sex? This is a series of techniques and methods used to obtain an orgasm. This is what you need to know.

    What is oral sex? What are the poses for sexual intercourse? What are the features of anal sex? What is libido and petting? What is the sequence of the love act? What is the difference between a female orgasm and a male one?

    All this you can learn from the special literature and training videos.Believe that theory is no less important than practice. So you will be less likely to get into an awkward situation by discovering your sexual ignorance.

    Watch candid films and read books.

    Do not be surprised! If you want to learn how to have sex, then watch erotic and pornographic films and read such books. Just do not forget that the movie is still far from reality. Do not take everything at face value. In the movies, everything is a game, everything is a bit exaggerated (in the literal and figurative sense). In life, everything often looks and happens a little differently. And, nevertheless, you will get useful information from films and literature!


    The obtained theoretical knowledge would be well consolidated in practice. Turning to practical action, take advantage of a few tips.

    1. Have sex only with someone who you really enjoy.
    2. Try to keep your relationship with your partner trustworthy.
    3. Feel free to talk about your desires and feelings.
    4. Feel free to ask your partner about his feelings and desires.
    5. Try everything learned in theory. You may not like everything, but you need to try!
    6. Do not be shy about your inexperience! No one is born a sex virtuoso, and skill comes with experience.

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