• How to learn to paint on nails?

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    How to learn to paint on nails?

    Beauty is constantly evolving, something new is coming into fashion all the time. After all, the usual colored lacquer has become a discovery for our grandmothers and mothers not so long ago, and modern technologies already offer us to build up nails or make beautiful drawings on them. What can I say, we will keep up with the times! Today we will talk about how to learn to paint on nails. This can be done at special courses or at home. Courses need to pass to those who wish to create complex drawings on the nails and learn how to draw with colored gels.

    What you need for a colorful manicure?

    How to make your nails beautiful at home? For this you need to be patient, free time and necessary things. Their list includes:

    • tassels or needles;
    • base varnish (sparse);
    • lacquers for drawing or paint (they should be contrast to the base varnish);
    • fixer;
    • various rhinestones, bouillons, threads and stickers (optional).

    At home, you can learn how to paint on nails using two different techniques: using brushes and using a needle.

    With the help of a brush, you can create drawings both on a liquid lacquer and on a dried one. In the first case, the varnishes will be mixed, and the drawings will be smooth and vague; in the second - clear and detailed. Brushes are different. Thick ones are used for painting the details in the drawing and for applying glitter. Thin brushes are needed for drawing the contours of the pattern. In general, before trying to paint on nails, it is recommended to practice on paper and try to draw various details (lines, circles, arcs, ovals). So you will practice, and the process of creating drawings on the nails will go easier.

    How to paint on nails with brushes?

    1. Apply base coat. The layer should turn out smooth and sparse.
    2. If you want a vague pattern, start drawing on the nail right away. If you need a clear picture, wait for the base varnish to dry, then dip the brush into the paint and begin to carefully draw on. The thickness and brightness of the pattern depends on the amount of paint on the brush. The larger it is, the thicker the pattern.
    3. If you study, for the first time choose for yourself easy drawings. These can be simple flowers, berries, patterns, etc.The main thing that you can learn to do it beautifully. Gradually, their skills can be improved.
      Especially on this topic, we have prepared for you an article “What to draw on the nails?”, With which you can familiarize yourself and learn in more detail about which drawings it is best to use in Neil Art for beginners. On the nails, you can draw anything. It all depends on the desire and imagination.
    4. Then we put additional elements for decoration - those rhinestones, bouillas, etc. This can be done with a toothpick or sharply sharpened wand. We try not to spoil the drawing.
    5. When the drawing is applied and the varnish is dry, paint the nail with a fixer in two thin layers.

    How to draw on nails with needles?

    The process of creating drawings with needles is similar to the brush drawing algorithm, but it also has its own characteristics. For example, painting nails with needles is done only on a liquid varnish. Needles can be different in thickness. The more elegant the drawing, the thinner the needle.

    1. We apply with a plentiful layer the main varnish.
    2. Without waiting for the basic lacquer to dry, we apply a small droplet of lacquer to paint on the nail with a needle and make patterns.To make the lines of the picture clear and saturated from the first time, we use sparse varnishes.
    3. Patterns are made mostly in circular motions, moving from drop to drop or drawing eights. The result is intricate lines, smooth patterns, etc. The needle because of its subtlety allows you to draw small details of the picture.
    4. For a rich pattern, use three color varnishes.
    5. At the end you can put glitter or other decorating elements.
    6. After complete drying of the pattern, use a fixer.

    As you can see, it is possible to learn how to paint beautifully on nails at home! Of course, from the first time there are few who succeed, but if you train, then creating masterpieces on the nails for you will have no difficulty. You can draw on the nails of any length: short, long and even on the extensions.

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