• How to learn to sing?

    As they say, everyone has voice and hearing, but some of them have developed abilities, while others do not. Is this true, and how can one learn to sing? Let's talk about useful tips and exercises that will help you realize your desire.

    How to learn to sing: exercises and tips

    First of all, pay attention that people with natural abilities to singing will learn to sing faster. That is, musical development certainly depends on natural data. But this does not mean that only such people can learn how to sing, because the vocal technique plays an important role in beautiful singing. Any person can learn the technique of vocal, control their voice as a musical instrument.

    How to learn to sing by yourself

    Have you heard that from scratch to learn to sing is unrealistic? Do not believe! According to the experience of a simple man in the street who dreamed of learning to sing independently. He was able to achieve this! Although previously he was asked to shut up and not spoil the sound of any song. But be prepared, it will take a lot of effort, patience and time.

    The person we talked about above claimsthat the most important step is to learn to sing in unison with anyone, that is, to tune the sound of your voice to any sound. How to do it? To begin with, practice on a monotonous sound, for example, on a clamped piano key or the usual ringing tone of a telephone. Being close to such a sound, by trial and error, try to emit a similar sound in different ways. Sooner or later you will enter. Believe me, you will definitely know the moment when you achieved the result, because according to the laws of physics, when 2 sounds merge into 1, the sound amplifies 2 times. This phenomenon is called resonance. Then practice on other sounds, moving from the most simple and monotonous to more complex.

    Learning to sing at home: practice

    Let us turn to the exercises themselves, with the help of which you will be able to feel how to sing correctly. These exercises put into working condition all organs responsible for breathing and sound formation, namely the diaphragm, vocal cords, lungs, and muscles of the larynx. To begin with, let's learn the rule: during the exercise, practice breathing in with your nose, it should be noisy, short and sharp.

    1. Begin with the preparatory exercise "pump".You have to stand up, put your legs shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms along your torso. With a round back, you need to make a slight bow, as if you were pumping something up. From the second half of the bow, start taking a short breath with your nose. Do not straighten to the end, repeat bows 12 times. Exhalation is made through the mouth without any effort on your part.
    2. The next exercise will be called "hug your shoulders." Raise your arms to shoulder level and bend them. The essence of the exercise is to throw your hands towards each other, hugging yourself by the shoulders. Inhalation must be done at the time of "hugs" You do not need to spread your arms widely, and during the exercise do not change their places. Repeat the exercise 12 times.
    3. Now we will perform light bows like the first exercise, but at the same time it will be necessary to put the palms of the hands on the abdominals, to strain the abdomen when bowing and to make certain sounds. The palms on the stomach are needed to press down a little on him while bowing. Sounds when bowing: ri-ru-re-ro, mi-mu-me-mo, li-lu-le-lo and so on. Such an exercise is necessary to create a special "support", without which a voice will not be possible.

    How to learn to sing beautifully

    If you are serious about this issue and want to learn to sing beautifully, then you should remember the well-known truth ... Singing, like any other science, has a theory other than practice, and without a theory it is unlikely that you will be able to practice effectively. It is difficult to do without a specialist who correctly puts your voice and will develop your abilities. Spare funds for a music institution, a specialist, to learn to sing beautifully.

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