• How to learn to write fast?

    Remember your "favorite" teacher at the institute, who dictated with the speed of light, and then asked strictly according to the outline! How, then, I wanted to know how to make him speak slower or how to learn to write fast. Let's give help to our smaller brothers, in the sense of young people, and tell you what to do to write quickly, it’s understandable that the hand will not get tired.

    Where and how to write

    To start writing fast, sit comfortably. For this you need a table, a comfortable chair, on which you can lean on the back. The pose in which you sit at the time of writing should be comfortable and comfortable. Back, arm, leg - nothing should be on weight, leaking from a bias and inconvenient location. The back should be kept straight, shoulders on the same flat horizontal line. From the chest to the table should be placed two of your palm.

    Paper and pen

    A piece of paper should lie slightly to the right of the middle of your chest, so your right hand will not reach for the paper. Handle should be comfortable for your fingers.Someone fit thin, someone wide, smooth, ribbed. It is necessary to choose, taking into account the individual characteristics of the brush. Writing a pen should be easy, so that you do not make an effort so that the rod leaves a mark. Many therefore prefer helium pens.


    To understand how to quickly learn to write beautifully, you need to learn another rule. It is very important to be extremely attentive at the lecture. If you are sitting and dreaming how it will be fun in the evening with friends, then you will not be able to write quickly in any case, no matter what talents you have. Think about what you write. Try to understand what the teacher says and predict the course of his thoughts. Do not be distracted by the comments of neighbors, do not talk, do not correspond. Focusing on the subject of the lecture should be one hundred percent!

    Hand exercises

    The hand, which has to learn to write fast, should be strong, so buy a hand-held expander and train your hands. This is useful not only to write quickly, but also for general physical development.

    Develop fine motor skills. Do you like bead jewelery? Then take small beads and braid them.If you do not have a creative vision, then simply tear off the old beads and reassemble them on a string. It is better if you have several colors, and you will string the beads in a certain order. This exercise not only develops fine motor skills, but also colloquial speech, because it acts simultaneously on several centers of the cerebral cortex. By the way, beadwork helps men much better!

    It also develops good motor skills modeling. Blind the little figure of some animal. And now stick him eyes, mouth, nose, ears of plasticine of a different color. These will be very small details, so try. On the third or fourth figure, the mouth will already be in its place, and the eyes are not on the back of the head!

    Now you know how to learn to write fast with a pen. I would also like to note that the matter is not only in the listed exercises, but also in constant training.

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