• How to log into the computer

    And how can you go tothe systemcomputer? As a rule, it is an operating system that provides all the functions. Log in to it when the computer is turned on. Also, the user can set a special password at the entrance so that unauthorized persons cannot view the data. However, it is worth noting that there is another system called the input-output system, that is, the BIOS.
    It is present on almost every computer, because without it you cannot install the operating components, turn on the computer. Log in by entering certain keys. Laptops have their own combinations, but they are all described in the manual or directly on the work panel. On a personal computer, everything is almost the same. The main entry keys are Delete, F5, F12, F11.
    Reboot the computer. As soon as it starts to turn on, hold one of the above keys. You can simply quickly press it, so as not to miss the moment.If everything is done correctly, the computer will inform you about enteringthe systemBIOS. As practice shows, on some computers passwords can be set to enter. To change or delete them, you need to enter the old combination. Find passwords in the documentation for the motherboard of your computer.
    If there is no password, you will automatically be transferred to the BIOS. All versions are described in English. Almost all instructions are described for the English version, so nobody develops the locators. In this system, you can view the temperature of the system unit, change the time, set passwords, set the boot priority from a floppy or hard disk, and much more. But do not forget that the wrong operations can lead to computer damage.

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