• How to look stylish in the office

    Many companies require their employees to comply with strict dress code. However, one cannot take away from people the desire to look attractive. In this regard, many women are wondering how to choose and where to buy an office dress.

    How to look stylish in the office

    Business style is characterized by restraint, conservatism in the choice of fabric, color, cut, accessories. As a rule, for a woman, this means a jacket, a dress, a pencil skirt with a blouse, and classic trousers. Of course, it depends on which company you work for: somewhere strictly white or black is strictly required, and somewhere attention is paid exclusively to the cut and overall appearance. Such classic business clothes, as a rule, are worth a lot, but it is quite possible to find an online store where you cancheap dress. For many years now, sheath dress has been one of the most popular and best-selling dress models.

    If your work still allows some freedom in choosing clothes, it is worth it to use. At work we spend a significant part of our time, we communicate with a lot of people, so you want to look good.In addition, wearing similar strict clothes every day becomes boring. Therefore, it is just necessary to find some workarounds with which you can combine fashion, self-expression and dress code.

    Since the dress is one of the most popular items of clothing, women often wonder how to choose and where to buy an office dress so that it looks stylish. We will try to give you some tips in this article.

    How to look stylish in the office

    First of all, a dress in a business style should be modest. This means that it should not open its legs too much, the neckline can only be insignificant, and there is no question about any open back. Ideally, the length of the dress should be up to the knee or slightly higher, but if you want to add playfulness, you can choose a dress with a slit. Regarding the colors, modern offices still allow a deviation from the black and white gamut, although they do not allow the eye to tug out of lemon, orange and other too bright colors. It is preferable that the colors are calm: gray, blue, blue, green, purple, lilac, burgundy, beige and so on.

    In the office, a very important part of the image is always shoes.Shoes should be comfortable, so that your legs do not get tired to walk all day, but at the same time, business style means heels.

    When choosing an office dress, try to find one that can be worn not only in the office. Thus, your choice will immediately fall to something less boring, because you will not go to meet with friends in a closed gray dress. Try to play with ornaments and coloring elements: if it is impossible for the entire dress to be bright, no one will deny a small accent.

    How to look stylish in the office

    Besides color, pay attention to the style. The length and neckline are regulated, but the rules regarding the material of the dress and how it sits, are already becoming obsolete. Most likely, your superiors will allow you to wear light clothes in summer, and in winter - knitted and woolen, based on the simplest logic.

    Do not forget about accessories, because it is they who can make your image brighter. And be bold in this: tie an unusual scarf around your neck, insert jewelry into your hair. Do not overdo it, because it is one bright accent and will create the highlight that you need. Find some detail that will help you stand out against the background.

    It is believed that the official business suit should be expensive. But not everyone can afford it. There is a well-known way that allows you to save on purchases - to make them on the Internet. This will save not only your money, but also time. Choosing products in catalogs, for example, in Quelle, you can thoroughly think about each dress, put it in the basket, compare it with others. Remember that the main thing in any office dress is that you like it.

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