• How to lose weight in 10 years?

    Modern shops are full of food, restaurants and cafes of fast food are located on every corner, you can even have a snack on the street: all sorts of fast food is sold at bus stops, in parks and other places of recreation. This is convenient for a person, but it leads to a very big problem, because not only adults, but also children suffer from various chronic diseases, the cause of which is overweight. And to lose weight, I had to change habits, both in nutrition and in lifestyle.

    Power Features

    The best way to normalize the weight of a child at the age of 10 is to organize proper nutrition, and this should be the main concern of adults. The concept of proper nutrition can include mandatory breakfast in the morning, a two-course lunch, dinner no later than 19:00 - 20:00 hours, and in addition, a couple of snacks during the day.

    It should be noted that in this case the food should be complete, include fresh, preferably seasonal vegetables and fruits. To ensure all conditions, it is important to know what is good to eat at certain times of the day, and to ensure diversity through a combination of products.

    Teen breakfast should include complex carbohydrates.That is why the ideal breakfast is still considered porridge from cereals and cereals. You can sometimes replace it with small sandwiches: on whole-grain bread slices, put egg slices and vegetables (tomato, cucumber), a slice of cheese.

    At lunch, it is desirable to offer the child the first: soup, cabbage soup or borscht. Liquid foods contribute to saturation, provide the body with the necessary amount of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. The second course may be a serving of meat or fish. It is better to boil or bake food, as during frying products absorb a large amount of fats and carcinogens.

    Dinner is best made up of a vegetable dish: a salad or a side dish, a small portion of protein (cottage cheese or eggs can be offered) and fermented milk products. And snacks can consist of fruit or nuts, the latter will provide the necessary amount of unsaturated fats. Read more about the features of children's nutrition here: How to lose weight in a child.

    Physical activity

    The body of the child is designed for greater physical activity. However, please note that adolescents are not recommended strength exercises with the use of additional weight without strict control by a specialist.The fact is that improper performance of these exercises can lead to serious injuries.

    The best way to increase physical activity for children and adolescents is to attract them to outdoor games and sports. The girl can be invited to attend dance lessons, even if she does not become a professional athlete, posture and flexibility will certainly improve.

    Boys can be identified in the sports section, depending on preference, and it does not have to be contact sports. Let him see an alternative to a TV or computer. Parents, however, need to remember one important truth: the state of health of children depends largely on your efforts and your example.

    Parenting behavior strategy

    The child�s body continues to grow and develop, so parents need to understand that animal protein, as the main supplier of essential amino acids, the building material of cells, should take pride of place in children's nutrition.

    That is why all newfangled trends, such as vegetarianism, veganism, raw foods, are completely contraindicated in children and can lead to serious disorders in the development of the organism.A child at the age of 10 may stop growing, complex diseases of the nervous and endocrine system will begin to manifest.

    However, if the child showed a tendency to excess weight, you will still have to limit his diet. This does not mean that the teenager will now go half-starved, but it is necessary to exclude from his food sweet soda, fast food and all kinds of snacks: chips, salty nuts, popcorn and others.

    Try to explain to your child that this is not food, but food debris that poisons his body and in the future can lead to serious disruption of the organs and systems, seriously reducing the quality of life. Simply put, growing up, the child will not be able to live fully, he may have serious diseases.

    Girls at this age, under the influence of fashion, are already beginning to think about the peculiarities of their figure, so you need to be especially careful in talking about weight, so as not to promote the formation of complexes and not stimulate a teenager too actively, because it can lead to eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

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