• How to lower on the zone?

    Galina Mirzahmedova
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    How to lower on the zone?

    In places of detention � prisons or simply speaking on �zones� it has historically been established that the local contingent is divided into several �castes�, the lowest of which are �roosters� or �offended�. They are also called "omitted".

    Ways to "omit" the zone

    Passive homosexuals, persons convicted under articles of rape, murder of children, or, in fact, those who were victims of violence in the prison itself fall into the lowest caste of prisoners. On how to survive in prison can be found in our article How to survive in prison.

    They "lower" on the zone both men and women. The process of "omission" consists in the humiliation and forced intercourse in an unnatural way (anal sex). There are other ways: throw urine at the convict, make him kiss the �bucket� or put his head in it, hold his sleeping penis over his lips, smear his towel with sperm. Those who are �lowered� are called except as �roosters�, also �wafflers�, �daisies�.

    For what can a convict be �left out�?

    For many reasons, a convict can be �lowered� - from the most banal quarrels with �thieves� or higher �castes� and external femininity to card debts, etc. But in zones it is not accepted to �punish with penis� even for very serious offenses ( banging, theft, etc.), they can be beaten for this or even killed, but not raped, such is the local unwritten �law�.

    Although "omit" in areas in which minors are serving their sentences ("youngsters"), for these reasons may well be. It is also "lowered" in Russian prisons by agreement, when the prisoner becomes a "rooster" voluntarily, being a homosexual.

    Life "omitted" convicts

    After a prisoner is �lowered� in prison, he becomes an outcast of the local society, which is literally not treated as a person. �Roosters� have a special place in the cell or barracks - near the �bucket�. They have to do the dirtiest and shameful work - cleaning toilets, carrying out the "bucket", etc.

    After thieves and other prisoners are lowered, they are no longer given a hand, and in general it is considered shameful to touch "roosters".They even have their own dishes in the dining room, in which they make holes. These holes �lowered� are plugged with a finger so that soup does not leak out of the dishes. Therefore, the "roosters" are also called "holders of a leaky plate."

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