• How to make a beautiful group?

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    How to make a beautiful group?

    Groups in social networks are designed to attract the attention of other people, and this already depends on how informative and visually appealing it is. How to make the group interesting and beautiful for subscribers, read our article.

    The secrets of creating a beautiful group


    The first task that you will need to solve if you want to make the group in contact beautiful is to create a presentable avatar, because subscribers will see it first of all.

    To do this, it is better to choose the most vivid and memorable pictures. It is better that they correspond to the theme of your community. In any graphical editor (even just in the Microsoft Office drawing manager) you can give the image a greater contrast and saturation of tones.GroupDo not overdo it - the avatar should still look natural.

    It is very popular today to create spectacular single blocks of avatars and menus. This is done using Photoshop or the same drawing manager Microsoft Office, as well as the capabilities of the Wiki Markup service.

    Filling group

    • PostsRegardless of what the community is dedicated to, you will need to pay maximum attention to filling the wall. And to make a beautiful group of VKontakte, you will need to complement any text with colorful, spectacular pictures of good resolution. If you publish some small statements, thoughts, notes, you can insert them in image format, having previously created a nice template in Photoshop or another graphic editor. You can download ready-made graphic bases from the relevant sites. AlsoGroupperiodically send to the wall elegantly decorated congratulatory messages on the occasion of a holiday, the publication of some interesting news, or simply wish your subscribers a pleasant day / evening / night, supporting spiritual words with pretty images.
    • Video. If you want to make a beautiful VK group, do not forget to add exciting videos to it. This will not be difficult. Just find the video you want on YouTube, copy its link and then paste it into the desired field of the video social network upload menu. Description you can invent your own.
    • Music.Regardless of the theme of the community, you can always add music tracks that you like. Just try to choose such directions and performers, which definitely will not cause a negative reaction from subscribers.

    If you can not make a beautiful group, you can always order its design from professional designers and content managers. Just keep in mind that these services are not cheap.

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