Amazing lawn bed in your yard. Master Class

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    Many people like to rest lying on the grass under the warm rays of the sun. Why not embody these desires in your yard? We have a great idea fromJason Hodges- Landscaper on the Australian TV showBetter Homes & Gardens. It shows in detail how to build a bed with live grass and enjoy the sunny weather.

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    It may even be easier than making a bed for a bedroom - and looks much better. Video workshop will show you how to build a bed from start to finish.Jasonbuilt a wooden frame, decorated the clapboard, then filled it with soil.Hodgescompletes the overall picture with pillows and plants at the head of the bed.And before you is born a bed where you can soak up the warm rays of the sun and enjoy a good book.

    See the whole process in the short video below. I hope that this bed will inspire you and you will do something similar.

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