• How to make a candle?

    Ten years ago it was a rarity to have a beautiful original candlestick at home. Such candles were deficient in stores. And to find instructions on how to make a candle at home was almost impossible. In fact, it turns out to be not as difficult as you thought. The difficulty lies only in the decor of the candle. You can just leave the smooth walls of the candle, you can make them porous, you can also decorate the candle with flowers or coffee beans.

    The first version of making candles

    It looks very original candle, in the preparation of which ice is used. Such a candle will differ from one another; it all depends on how much ice you will use.


    • paraffin, you can replace it with ordinary candles;
    • wax crayons, they will need to paint a candle;
    • a form, it can be like a silicone form, but a regular can of condensed milk will do;
    • wick. A tight thread or wick taken from another candle will do;
    • chunks of crushed ice;
    • spoke.

    How to make a candle? Melt the paraffin, if you have ready candles, then remove the threads and carefully put the paraffin in the water bath.Mix finely grated chalk into it. The form for a candle needs to be greased with vegetable oil or other fat. Tie the end of the wick to a long, thin knitting needle and put the knot down in the center of the form. Then quickly put in the form of crushed ice of medium size. Now fill the form with paraffin. After you need to put a candle in the cold. When it hardens, put it in a warm place to melt the ice. As soon as the water is drained, you will be surprised how original your candle is.

    The second version of the manufacture of candles

    You can make a romantic evening that your husband will remember for a long time or to decorate the party in an unusual way with the help of floating candles.


    • paraffin;
    • wax crayons, they will need to paint a candle;
    • a form, it can be like a silicone form, but a regular can of condensed milk will do;
    • wick. This is a dense thread or wick taken from a tea candle (it is a candle in a metallic form, initially it has a weight on the end of the wick);
    • chicken egg shell;
    • toothpick.

    Preparation of paraffin, as in the first embodiment. But only now in advance prepared eggshell we grease from within with fat.After we tie the wick to a toothpick or use a finished wick from a tea candle. Fill the paraffin inside. We put in a cold place. As soon as the paraffin is frozen, pull out the candle. Next, we use it as a decoration in containers filled with water of different sizes. So just we make candles at home.

    The third version of the manufacture of candles


    • paraffin;
    • a form, it can be a whiskey glass or another similar form;
    • wick;
    • beautiful autumn leaves of different colors, you can use already dry leaves, only before using them you need to soak a little, so that they become more elastic;
    • spoke;
    • sackcloth;
    • duct tape.

    Melt the wax as in the first version. Prepare glasses - pre-douse them with boiling water. Secure the needle to the bottom of the glass with duct tape. Pour paraffin, then put in a cold place. Then put the camp in hot water (so easy to remove the candle). After gently pull out the needle and insert the wick. After the candle to attach the leaves and rewind and their strips of burlap. Dry leaves can be inserted at the edges of the form, pouring paraffin. Now, dear readers, you know how to make candles with your own hands.

    The fourth version of making candles


    • gel;
    • the wick in these candles we take only reinforced;
    • vessel. It is important that it be heat-resistant, as it can crack during the burning of a candle. The most suitable for these candles are glass containers.

    How to make candles with your own hands? Find a suitable vessel. Prepare the vessel, it should be dry and clean. Cut off the wick of the desired length and fasten it to the wicks. Heat the gel in a water bath. The temperature should be from 70 to 85 degrees. But more temperature is not allowed!

    When you warm up the gel, stir it a little. It is forbidden to strongly interfere, you can get a lot of air bubbles in our candle. And, it is not very beautiful. Remember, the more intensely interfere, the more bubbles.

    Further, in the form we pour decorations, it can be a gift, maybe stones decorated with varnish - everything that allows you your imagination.

    If you want, you can make a candle of different colors. To do this, prepare the gel twice. Add to the gel different dyes. You can fill only the second layer after the first one has cooled down.

    An hour later the candle is ready! So just you learned how to make candles!

    If you have questions, you can always watch the training video: how to make candles.

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