• How to make a cashier?

    If you are going to open your business, which involves working with cash, then you can not do without a cash register. You must purchase it and register it with the relevant authorities.

    Required Documents

    For registration and further work at the cash register will be needed:

    • self-written statement
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • rental agreement
    • contract with the service center and technical passport,
    • hologram of the State Register and Service,
    • call log of a technician,
    • book cashier-operator.

    How to arrange cash, described below.


    Acquiring a cash register is most reasonable in the technical service center (TEC). The client there can immediately conclude an agreement on the repair and maintenance of the purchased unit. Since there are a huge number of cash register models, when choosing, it is necessary to focus on the simplicity and ease of operation of this type of equipment.Service center staff always help customers with this issue.

    Registration of the cash register

    Then you should contact the tax inspectorate, namely, the department for registration of cash registers, taking into account the place of registration of the enterprise. The application, which will be issued there, and should be filled.

    To register the cash register with the tax inspectorate, in addition to the application, it will be necessary to submit the following documents: an agreement with the technical service center, a passport of the new office, a lease agreement for the room where the cash register will be installed, a hologram of the State Register and Service, an accounting journal calls a technical specialist, the book of the cashier-operator, certificate of unified.

    In cases where the registration of the cash register will not be carried out by the head of the enterprise, then the person to whom this process was entrusted must have power of attorney. Only the presence of this document (it is not necessary to notarize) gives the second person the right to register KCP in the tax office. The person (employee) in whose name the power of attorney is issued must have a passport or any other document with him to verify his identity.

    In the case when it is necessary to register a cash register that was in use, the head of the company must have a document in his hands, indicating that this machine has been removed from the register.

    Important points

    It is important to remember that in the passport of the new cash register there must be marks on the installation of visual controls. Here you can find the names, version number and passport number, the dates of its issue and the passport of the reference version. The owner must fill out a ticket-application, allowing to put the device into operation and decide how to issue a cashier.

    After filing all the necessary documents to the tax office it will take quite a bit of time. And after the registration of the apparatus, the documents from the tax service should be collected. Now in the hands of the head of the enterprise there will be documentation confirming that the cash register has been registered, and the stamped cashier’s logger.

    Now you know how to arrange a cash desk correctly and it remains for the small: to involve an experienced cashier in the work. It is important that checks are punctured correctly taking into account technological requirements.This will allow in the future to avoid problems with the tax office.

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