• How to make a drift in the MTA?

    Galina Devyatkina
    Galina Devyatkina
    October 13, 2014
    How to make a drift in the MTA?

    Drift is the process of cornering and deliberately disrupting the drive axle during a drift. How to make a drift in MTA during a drift, in our case almost all factors will influence. Some of them will look at the special menu "Settings".

    First you need to take the car through the F1 menu, get into it and open it in the “Auto settings” menu by pressing the English “B” key. Further we set up the interface language for convenience: click on the button at the top of Extra> Options> Language, choose Russian> Apply> Yes.

    Engine tab

    1. The maximum speed is 300, this will be quite enough. Acceleration - about 40-60.
    2. Inertia - recommended values ​​are 1-25.
    3. Drive - rear.

    Body Tab

    1. Mass - try to increase in increments of 100, pick to taste.
    2. L X Y Z - the first window (weight shift left / right) - set 0. The second is the mass transfer to the front axle (positive values) / rear axle (negative values). Set the values ​​from 0 to -0.4.
    3. The level of enhanced hangup is 1 to 2.
    4. Suspension - the height of the suspension cars.

    Tab "Wheels"

    1. Clutch multiplier - the parameter is responsible for how simple the wheels will fall into a skid.
    2. Loss of clutch - an increase in the parameter will allow the car to accelerate faster in a skid, and also to brake when the gas is released.
    3. Clutch Offset — Recommended values ​​are from 0.5 to 0.35.

    Not everyone will be satisfied with the given parameters, so there is a huge scope for experimental activity. Try, experiment, customize settings for your own riding style.

    For those who still could not figure out, you can try to enter these test settings:

    • BANSHEE 1500 5000 0 0 -0.1 -0.5 70 0.75 0.85 0.43 5 300 70 -100 r p 10 0.5 false 65 2 0.13 5 0.25 -0.1 0.5 0.3 1 0 45000 80002000 4003 1 1 1

    Now you can easily make a drift in mta.

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