• How to make a garage in the property?

    Today, legislation requires that any construction be properly structured. Even a temporary house in the country. And the garage as well.

    How to make a garage in the property: tips

    You need to prepare the following paper and take it to the Bureau of Tech Inventory (BTI):

    1. A completed certificate from the Garage Construction Cooperative - one copy. You can fill out the certificate yourself, sign the neighbors on the right, left, and on the back side, sign the head of the SSC and put the 2nd seal. The area of ​​the garage in this certificate does not fill, as it will be approximately known only after the drafting of the garage. Do not forget that TO neighbors of the head of the SSC this reference is signed by the housemates. With the indication of the numbers of boxes on the left, on the right and back side of the garage.
    2. A copy of the certificate on the allocation of the territory under the SSC, notarized - 1 copy. The original document of the certificate will remain with the chairman of GSK. It is better to agree in advance with the chairman, so that he assured a photocopy, or ask him the original document and personally assure him.
    3. The receipt of payment for the drafting of the garage by the BTI - one copy. Details for the receipt must be taken in the BTI. It may be that the BTI will provide a completed receipt.
    4. A copy of the garage owner’s passport is one copy.
    5. Application for spec. registration of the garage in the property - one copy. Fill out this application directly at BTI.

    These papers are given to the BTI, and there they indicate the date when the technician-architect from BTI will be suitable for drawing up a garage project. This is about a month or two after the delivery of documents. You should also think about how to get land in the property under the garage? But more on that later.

    Further, to issue a garage in the property already need:

    1. Get from the BTI Technical inventory for the garage - three copies.
    2. Pay for the state fee to the Registration Chamber. To do this, go to the Registration Chamber, ask the payment details and find out the price to pay.
    3. Take the forms to the Registration Chamber. In the Registration Chamber is always a very large sequence. Therefore, if you want to get there on the same day, then you need to come and take the queue no later than 5 am on the day of admission.It is better to find the opportunity and try to take a turn from the evening of the previous day, due to their short working day and a huge number of people willing to come to the reception. In exchange for the documents handed in, they will issue an Inventory of documents received and 1 copy of the Technical Description for the garage.
    4. Get in Reg. Chamber Certificate of state registration of ownership of the garage.

    How to make land ownership

    Just give the registration certificate here to the BTI and write the corresponding application. Further, the registration process takes place without the participation of the future owner. Except, of course, the payment of appropriate contributions. They are carried out in the same manner as when registering the garage.

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