• How to make a geisha makeup?

    Many people mistakenly consider geisha as representatives of the oldest profession. In fact, this is not so. In literal translation, "geisha" means "man of art." These girls from ancient times were the hostesses of the evening - they entertained the guests with songs, dances, conducted interesting conversations with them, treated them to tea, and tried to occupy the guest so that he felt as comfortable and not bored. It was very easy to learn these women - according to the traditional kimono, hair and make-up. The latter will be discussed today.

    Meikap in Japanese style

    The face of the "hostess of the evening" is very similar to the pale face of a porcelain doll. The Japanese still believe that such a tone indicates a noble origin. Earlier it was possible to achieve this color with the help of a paste with lead or rice flour.

    Another bright accent is lips. They must be red. And they need to be painted only in the center, creating a “bow effect”. Once instead of lipstick used powder of wild saffron. You can buy it now, but you just have to pay about 100 dollars for such a pleasure.

    According to the rules, in a geisha make-up there should be only three colors:

    • white, symbolizing purity;
    • red is a sign of good luck;
    • black is death.

    All of them in Japanese philosophy are closely intertwined, creating harmony.

    In order to appear in front of guests in all their glory, geishas needed 5 hours to prepare. And this was one of the reasons for the high cost of their services. But in modern conditions it is much easier to create such makeup.

    The basis

    The traditional option of creating a perfectly white skin tone involves applying oil with wax on the skin. And on top of it is a mixture of rice powder and water. But for those who want to cope faster and do not waste time searching for classic ingredients, there are two options:

    To make cosmetics go to bed evenly, apply it only with makeup brushes.

    Eyes and eyebrows

    Japanese women are very fond of eyeliner and all sorts of pencils. In the case of make-up geisha, you also need to resort to their help. But first the red eyelid is applied to the mobile eyelid. A lighter shade in the corners of the eyes, brighter nearer to the outer edge.

    After this, the liner must make a neat arrow along the entire length of the century.

    As for the eyebrows, before they were completely plucked out, and then they drew almost even black stripes in their place.Today, you can not go to such sacrifices, but simply emphasize your eyebrows with dark shadows or with a pencil. Additional brightness can be given to the pink-red shadows, as presented in the photo.


    To make the lips in the shape of a heart look really attractive, their side contours, as in the case with the face, are tinted with a white base. And then with the help of a pencil describe the desired shape and paint over with scarlet lipstick.

    Converting to a geisha at home is a snap. Ask why? Arrange a costume theme party, where you can surprise your guests, or add a touch of oriental mystery to your relationship with your loved one. Sure, in any case, it will cause admiration and interest. Have a good time!

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