• How to make a good video?

    If you follow what is happening on the screen with interest, listen carefully to what is being told to you, and do not want to be distracted, then the video is well done. The secret of high-quality video is made up of several different moments: it is a good idea, its competent implementation, directing work, camera art, charm and attractiveness (in all senses) of those in the frame.

    However, if you yourself are both a screenwriter, a director, and an operator without much shooting experience, then first you need to learn and understand how to make a high-quality video. This is what we will discuss further.

    The question of how to make a good video is quite wide. In certain types and genres of video has its own rules. For example, we will take a closer look at how to shoot videos for your channel on YouTube and how television journalists make their videos. Even if you are not going to shoot something like that, read it anyway, because you can learn useful tips that will be useful for any type of video.

    A few words about the hardware

    From what technique you use for shooting, depends on 50% of success. This question requires detailed study, so if you are looking for the right technology, take the time to study the characteristics of the necessary equipment to choose the best. We'll just go over the basics:

    • It is better to shoot at least on a semi-professional video camera with a high-quality video lens. In principle, for home videos you can at worst take pictures with a good professional camera or webcam.
    • A prerequisite for a good video is the use of a tripod if shooting is stationary. Any unintentional shaking and camera twitching will ruin the video.
    • Provide a good light.
    • Choose a high-quality microphone. You can use a buttonhole.

    How to make a good video for the channel on YouTube

    The emergence of a large number of personal channels on YouTube is a tribute to fashion, a new way to express yourself, as well as one of the modern types of earnings. If you decide to start your channel, then first study the work of other bloggers, identify their mistakes and never repeat. Thanks to this video will be much better and more popular.Here are some tips on this:

    • If you do not fully understand what you want to talk about, better study the issue in more detail, read something, look and put together the information you receive with what you know. Such a video should be useful and informative.
    • Many bloggers love to spread their thoughts on the tree, and the viewer is bored. In the process of shooting, he remembers something, gets out of the scope of the issue in question, etc. This is tiring. Beforehand estimate on a piece of paper an approximate logical plan of what you will talk about, and stick to it.
    • Track your appearance. At a minimum, you should be neat. If you have a style or a bright appearance, do not be afraid to emphasize this - attractive and bright personalities beckon people.
    • What matters is how you say it. If you mumble under your breath, watch with a sour time, say the same thing monotonously, the user will close your video without regret and will never return to your channel. Smile sincerely, speak in a lively voice, do not be afraid to play a trick where it is appropriate, make your speech bright: use as many different vocabulary as possible, make words, use accents, ask rhetorical questions, etc.The user should get the feeling that he is communicating with a living person who understands him - then there is a trust and a desire to return to your channel.
    • Never shoot online. You can accidentally blurt out some nonsense, something else can happen - all this spoils the impression. Take a video in a relaxed atmosphere, then correctly mount, view again.
    • When the video is ready, there are no complaints about it, you can upload it to the site. To entice users to view, you need to choose a bright but attractive and simple cover for the video; understandable, but you can also have a slightly intriguing and provocative title. In the description of the video should briefly focus on the main points of the video.

    How to make a good video novice journalist

    Preparing a report for the broadcast is the result of the joint work of the correspondent and the videographer, and how well-coordinated and harmonious the work of these two people is, it depends on how well the quality video will work out.

    1. If there is an opportunity to prepare for shooting, then the correspondent needs to study the topic of the reportage in advance, read and see other similar materials.If not, then a small preparation is made directly at the location of the shooting: objects are being planned, questions for respondents, etc.
    2. A professional operator already knows what to shoot. However, if a reporter needs any special plans, captured objects about which he will talk, then he explains in advance what and how to shoot. There are three main types of filming plans: close-up, medium and general plan. Close-ups are usually taken by individuals when they are interviewed (in television journalism, these interviews are called synchronous). Medium plan is needed for shooting several objects or several people. Overall plan - the most ambitious of the three considered. They remove large spaces, it is necessary to show the whole picture of what is happening. In addition to the usual frames and synchronous, you can also select the type of "life" when recording plans for an event with sound (for example, march to music).
    3. While the operator is shooting the raw materials for the reportage, the correspondent is looking for people for synchronization, gathers material for the plot, and asks the organizers and participants of the event. When taking pictures of a syncron, the operator first sets up the camera,selects the most favorable angle for shooting, then gives a sign to the correspondent who asks the respondent questions through the microphone. After filming and typing the necessary material, the film crew returns to work.
    4. Further, the correspondent draws up a sequential plot plan, where he writes down the entire text behind the scenes, the words of the respondents, indicates where all these elements are located. In addition, he watches the footage, notes from which time point the necessary frames, synchronous, and lifetimes are located. The more filmed raw materials, the greater the choice and easier work. At this stage, it is necessary not only to write a plot plan, but also to determine where what frames will be located. It is very good when words are attached to frames. For example, a journalist says: "This is a poplar ...", and a frame with the very poplar he talks about is selected. If, for example, there is any defect in the frame in the frame, but it cannot be deleted, as the person says important things, backing frames are used - neutral frames of the place of the event. Also interruptions are often needed when there is a lack of various plans, for example, when shooting is conducted in a small room.In this case, frames with hands, frames where interesting objects of the room are large-sealed, etc., are used for breaking in.
    5. The final moment before the final preparation of the plot is its editing, speaking the text and composing the video sequence with sound. When the plot is fully assembled, it remains only to add the necessary elements - captions, geo-caps, etc.

    You can learn something useful from the above, even if you are working on a different type of video. These tips will help you shoot high-quality and interesting videos. The most important, perhaps, is an interesting idea that is served outside the box. Therefore, listen to the advice of others, but do not forget to use your "chips" - and then your video will be of interest and you will want to review it.

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