• How to make a gum?

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    How to make a gum?

    If you do not like to buy hair ties - a great idea to make them yourself. This is an inexpensive option to get an exclusive thing that no one else will have. Let's figure out how to make a hair tie, and what you need to do this.

    Gum do it yourself

    First you need to make the foundation, that is, the gum itself, which we will decorate. For her, we need

    • wide satin ribbon
    • elastic
    • pin
    • scissors
    • needle
    • thread

    And now we tell how to make a rubber band in stages.

    1. Cut the tape and a half times, two longer than the gum. The thinner the fabric, the longer the cut can be taken to obtain the maximum number of beautiful folds.
    2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew it along the long edge so that the wrong side is on the outside. You can use the help of a sewing machine. This will greatly speed up the process. The result should be a case. Turn it on the front side.
    3. Thread the gum inside the case. To make this process easier, use the help of a safe sewing pin.
    4. Folding the edges of the elastic together, sew them, then make it the edges of the case.To make the edge look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, when sewing, align the edges of the seam and tuck the fabric inward.

    Well, that's our gum base is ready. It remains to decorate it. We offer several options for its design:

    • attach beads of different sizes to the elastic band;
    • Fold up the gum from the outer edge with bright buttons;
    • sew a large brooch or feathers to it;
    • garnish with rhinestones, sequins or beads.

    Such a very simple gum can be made from almost any fabric, picking it up to match your outfit. To do this, you just need to cut a long rectangle from the desired material and repeat the above manipulations.

    Greek gum

    Recently, the most fashionable and relevant have become Greek gum. They are decorated with a bezel on an elastic band. It can be used simply as a decoration of loose hair, and as an elastic band, with which you can beautifully fasten the strands, creating an imitation of the Greek hairstyle.

    Let's take a look at how to make a bezel on an elastic band with your own hands. For its manufacture we need:

    • 35-40 centimeters long tape
    • a piece of gum, 18-20 centimeters long.The rubber band should be approximately the same width as the tape of your choice.
    1. Connect the edge of the elastic band with the edge of the tape and attach around the circumference to the head. So you can easily see what needs to be cut, stitch the rest of the material together, while stretching the gum. Our bezel is ready.
    2. There is another way to make a Greek gum. We will need the same materials, but in smaller quantities. Cut a piece of tape length equal to two-thirds of the girth of your head. Then prepare a small elastic band, equal to half the remaining part of the girth. Sew the edges of the ribbon with the edges of the elastic to make a whole circle. After that, you can begin to decorate the gum.

    If you used a not-too-elegant ribbon, it can be sheathed at any time with beads, sequins, rhinestones, a brooch or a flower made of fabric. It all depends on your taste and fantasy.

    Note: You should not choose too smooth satin ribbons for Greek bands. They will slip through the hair and hold on poorly.

    In the case of a more detailed description of the process of making hair ornaments, you can watch a video on the Internet how to make a rubber band.Enrich your jewelry box with interesting non-standard solutions. You can be sure that people around you will appreciate your exclusive decoration. Be individual and always stand out from the gray crowd of people. We wish you success in your work.

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