• How to make a lizard?

    What only things are made of beads - and flowers, and butterflies, and insects, and many other decorations. I will tell you how to weave a lizard from beads. You will choose the color yourself, but we will talk in detail about the technology of making lizards. Immediately, I note that the technology of weaving a lizard bead is quite simple, but this work is painstaking and requires some patience.

    How to make a lizard from beads - stage one

    We will need a needle with thread, beads No. 8, No. 10 and two beads at number 8, but of a different color - in order to make our lizard's eyes. Let's start with the weaving of the body of a lizard. This is best done in the form of a harness for 6 beads. Weaving method - Ndebele. This wonderful technique is described in great detail and clearly. When weaving the body, we will use beads number 10, and for the nostrils - a large "eight". Lock the beads into a ring, and then in the 3rd row weave the beads for the eyes so that they are opposite the nostrils of the lizard. At the same time, along with the beads for the eyes, it is also necessary to weave the small beads of the main color, and under the eyes - 2 beads of the main color, but larger.

    How to weave a lizard bead - stage two

    Now from the large beads we weave out the 4th row, and then 3 rows of small ones - this will be the neck of our lizard. Then 14 rows of weaved large beads, and then 5 rows of small beads - to start the tail. Next we grab the side beads on the belly and back of the lizard and weave 8 rows of ndebele harness 4 beads each from small beads. Further weave 6 large and 8 small beads to complete the tail. Now we fix the thread to make the tail symmetrical. After that we fix the harness, for which we sew beads in pairs in the middle of the abdomen and back of the lizard. Sew the 1st and 5th rows at the beginning of the tail, and then the 1st and 3rd on the neck, the 8th and 9th on the body and the beads between the eyes. Between the nostrils and just below we add 2 small beads to give symmetry and fix them.

    How to make a lizard beads - legs

    In order for the legs to be more or less the same, choose the appropriate beads, as very often the legs of the lizard are still noticeably different from each other. We begin with the fact that between the 2nd and 3rd rows of the back of a lizard we draw a needle and string 2 large beads on it, after which we draw a needle between the 3rd and 4th rows. We add one more between the last beads (using a simple mosaic technique), and then after the 2nd bead we add, we also add a small bead.Next, between the beads we add, we add another 2 large ones and between them add one more. Now proceed to the weaving of the palms and fingers of the lizard. To do this, add 3 small beads for the palm and 3 more for each finger. After that, we proceed to the manufacture of the elbow, for which we weave new beads, making the paws thicker. To weave the hind legs, we make 3 rows of large beads using the flat ndebele technology and add another large bead.

    How to make a lizard - completion

    Now proceed to the manufacture of heels and fingers. The heel can be made from 3 large, and the fingers from small beads. Between large beads we collect 3 small ones, and on each large one - another 2 small ones. So our fingers will be the same in length. With a similar technology, we can also weave fingers for the front legs. And finally, the last remark on how to make a bead lizard. It remains for us to weave a small bead into each hind paw in order to make a knee, and to add the paws to the required thickness, weaving small beads together and fastening the rows of beads among themselves. That's all - our lizard is ready. If something remains incomprehensible to you, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with beautiful illustrations of weaving a lizard from beads.

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