• How to make a lock in Minecraft?

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    How to make a lock in Minecraft?

    The game Minecraft has long remained on the wave of popularity and all due to the fact that it gives the player almost complete freedom - get resources, collect items and create your own unique world!

    In this article we will tell you how to make a lock in Minecraft.

    Choosing a place

    The main difficulty of building a castle is that for its construction you will need just a huge amount of various building materials, and therefore the optimal place for its location is a place near which you can get a lot of such materials. The best variant of the castle’s location is the flat tops of the mountains and rocks, there is abundant stone and wood.

    We collect materials

    As we have already said, it will take a lot of materials, you can either collect the right amount first (you can only estimate it, of course), and you can slowly build and build. I must say, the second option is more pleasant, because a long search for materials is still a tedious task, and when you do the construction in parallel, you will be much more fun.

    Make a plan

    The first thing you need to rebuild the boundaries of your castle and the outlines of the rooms. Choose a place for the main entrance, decide what material you will use to build this or that room, think over the decorations and infrastructure. Having completed all these actions, you will be able to understand whether you can build a castle, or it is better to engage in this matter before it is too late.

    Total freedom of action

    Remember that Minecraft is complete freedom! You can build walls of any materials, make at least a hundred floors, break a beautiful garden next to the castle or, on the contrary, make an awesome moat. No frames or recipes here!

    Why do you need a lock?

    First, the castle, it is, of course, beautiful. Secondly, this type of construction is almost invulnerable to enemies. Thirdly, the castle can earn the respect of neighbors and instill in them awe, and thus save you from attacks. True, know that in the dark cellars of the castle can appear enemies. Therefore, in the construction do not forget to consider all possible penetration options. A significant drawback of the castle is the need to spend a huge amount of resources and time during its construction, but when you build it, you will surely think that you did it not in vain.

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