• How to make a moba in Minecraft?

    Minecraft is a popular computer game. It was developed by Swedish programmer Mark Persona. The game consists of four blocks. Blocks of the game: mobs, objects, landscapes, player. There are 4 game modes:

    • hardcore
    • creative
    • survival
    • adventure

    Minecraft: how to make mobs

    Mobs in the computer game Minecraft are game moving creatures in the exciting world of Minecraft. They are shaped like animals. When mobs die, food falls out of them. A player can call a mob at any time. From a distance of 16 blocks mobs can notice the player.

    The game currently has 4 types of mobs. Consider them in more detail:

    • Friendly. These mobs lead a quiet life and do not attack when attacking. Friendly mobs are:
      • cow
      • pig
      • sheep
      • octopus
      • a hen
      • tame wolf
      • country people
      • mushroom cow
      • cat
      • bat
      • ocelot
    • Neutral. They can attack another mob or the player in the event that they attack them first. Neutral Mobs:
      • spider
      • wolf
      • zombie pig
      • edge wanderer.
    • Hostile. A player is noticed within a radius of sixteen blocks and attacked first.Hostile mobs are:
      • zombie - resident
      • zombie
      • skeleton - desiccant
      • skeleton
      • spider in the dark
      • skeleton - rider
      • cave spider
      • slug
      • creeper
      • silverfish
      • gast
      • lava cube
      • witch
      • ifrit
    • Created by. You can create these mobs yourself. Created mobs:
      • iron Golem
      • snow golem

    How to make a spawner mobs

    In the game Minecraft, you can make two types of mobs. A mob spider is a block (transparent) with a blue grid. With him then appear mobs. So, in Minecraft, you can create the Snow and Iron Golem.

    The snow golem (snowman) is the mob that you can create yourself. The snowman is always friendly to the player. In hostile mobs, he can throw snowballs. The Snow Golem has the ability to attract enemies. For this, he makes special traps. If a player rises to the place where the Snow Golem stood, he can see his real face. Snow Golem can be created with the help of snow blocks and pumpkins.

    So, to create a Snow Golem you need:

    • put 2 snow blocks on top of each other
    • put a pumpkin on the blocks. It must be installed last. Instead of a pumpkin you can still use Jack's lamp.

    Iron Golem - Neutral Mob generated.This is the strongest and biggest mob. In the game, in terms of health, he is the third after the dragon Edge and the Desiccant. Its dimensions are 2.9 blocks in height, and 1.4 blocks in width. Outwardly, this mob is very similar to the villager. An iron golem can also supply iron. When creating a golem, particles of iron blocks will fly off. The main purpose of the Iron Golem is to protect villagers and players from hostile mobs. When creating the Iron Golem, the pumpkin should be put last.

    To make the Iron Golem you need:

    • Russian letter "T" put 4 iron blocks
    • put a pumpkin on top

    Now you will know what Minecraft is, how to make a mob in Minecraf, what mobs are and what mobs you can create yourself. Have a great time!

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