• How to make a newsletter in Odnoklassniki?

    Svetlana Noskova
    Svetlana Noskova
    January 29, 2013
    How to make a newsletter in Odnoklassniki?

    There are a lot of social networks on the Internet, which are interesting for everyone in their own way. Many have long been known to all soc. Odnoklassniki network. How to make a newsletter in classmates is an urgent issue for many users, not everyone knows that the function of mass mailing messages in "classmates" does not exist. That is, if you decide to write the same message to all your friends, nothing will come of it. For each friend, the message will have to write separately.

    Of course, such a lack significantly complicates life and creates inconvenience. If, however, you still need to send all the same messages to everyone, and there are a lot of friends. You can resort to companies or search for craftsmen who provide spam service, for them sending messages to classmates is just another simple task. Of course, you will have to pay for the assistance provided, the amount may be completely different, from 15 kopecks per message and higher.Keep in mind that it will not be surprising if the next day you see that your page is blocked for spamming. After all, the mass mailing of messages, no matter what is written there, is considered spam!

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