• How to make a night vision device

    Hello! Here is a composition on my table. And what do you think is all this for? Yes, yes, I decided to assemble a night vision device. Say, for watching owls at night. I think it's very interesting.

    I need

    • 3D glasses with
    • good quality with a small diagonal (it cost about 13 dollars)
    • 4 batteries from a video camera, such as Samsung;
    • two video cameras, one of which has very good sensitivity for night work;
    • two LED lights.
    Here is a monitor.
    How to make a night vision device
    Two cameras, one for the near view, and the second for the far.
    How to make a night vision device
    Infrared lights that will be redone by me like this for glasses:
    How to make a night vision device
    The monitor will be mounted in glasses like this: How to make a night vision device

    Making a night vision device NVD

    I check beforehand how the equipment works. I connect a small video camera to the monitor, I apply 12 V - everything is fine. The monitor shows the image transmitted by the camera How to make a night vision device I install the monitor from which the leg of the stand was removed in 3D glasses. The septum, superfluous stuffing and lenses I clean. On a 3D printer, I printed an extension for the body of glasses, so that my eyes were comfortable looking at the monitor. The surface of the extension cord was not exactly flat due to the speed of printing the printer, but this does not matter much. /uploads/posts/2018-09/medium/1535969992_12.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="How to make a night vision device"> In the case of glasses burned holes and secured the entire structure with plastic ties. For reliability, it was fixed with “Second” glue.
    How to make a night vision device
    How to make a night vision device The attachments on the body of the glasses were carefully cut off and transferred to the lid so that it could open and not fall down. I also fastened the hinges on the lid with ties.She also screwed a small screw to add extra strength to the structure and the possibility of unscrewing it to get inside the device for repairing or replacing parts.
    How to make a night vision device
    On the front side of the device I fix a small video camera between two LED lights. The camera is fixed more from above with the help of the fasteners printed on the 3D printer, into which I screw small screws. Everything is held securely. For the LED backlight, also printed out on the 3D printer the fastenings of such a form that the side partitions covered the camera and did not allow it to be dazzled by the LEDs.
    How to make a night vision device
    How to make a night vision device
    The front camera and LED lighting are planted on the glue. The wires from the LEDs are fastened with ties and lead into the case through a drilled hole. On the body installed control buttons (on / off and switch to the far or near camera), they connected the wires. On the case, I also placed a joystick, which is responsible for setting the remote camera.
    How to make a night vision device
    I used 4 batteries from Samsung video cameras for 3.5 V as the power source.
    How to make a night vision device
    The batteries are fixed with tape in a single unit, the wires from them converge in the connector. The connector indicates where the wire is, plus and minus. The battery is connected to the device using a self-made plug, in which the successively welded wires are fixed with glue and tape. The plug connects to the battery connector, the plug to the night vision device. With recharging the batteries while there are certain problems. First, the first battery in the unit is charged for an hour, then the charger is rearranged and the next one is charged. Over this problem is still necessary. First short-range camera: At night, I tested the device. If the near camera does not give a good quality image, then the far camera does an excellent job. Visible to the house, passing vehicles, people. And in the forest it will be perfectly possible to consider a hare, a wolf, and our owl.Actually, I’m going to watch the owls.

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