• How to make a paper house?

    Tatyana Eflina
    Tatyana Eflina
    October 5, 2014
    How to make a paper house?

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    How to make a paper house?

    All children love to make toy houses, because with them it is so fun to play. Houses can be made from plasticine, wood or paper. Today we will learn how to make a house out of paper.

    Paper house


    • Several sheets of A4 paper;
    • Cardboard;
    • PVA glue;
    • Paint;
    • Sandpaper;
    • Brushes;
    • Scissors.

    The stages of making a house:

    1. First we make logs. To do this, cut the paper strips and wind these strips on a pencil. Turn out tubules. Now glue them and wrap them on the pencil again. When the tubes are dry, remove them from the pencil. We made logs.
    2. Next on the cardboard glue the logs around the perimeter to each other. And glue the logs on each other to make four walls.
    3. When the logs are well dry, cut a rectangle - this is the door.Paper house
    4. Now we will make the window. Cut the squares on the walls, as many as you want. Then cut the squares from transparent cellophane a little more than the squares of the windows.Then glue the squares of cellophane on the inside of the window. We got real windows.
    5. Then glue three or four sheets of paper, and when they dry, cut the door out of them. Glue the door on one side. Bend slightly to the side so that the door can open and close.
    6. Then we will make the roof. To do this, glue the two sheets of paper. When the paper dries well, bend it in half. It turned out the roof. If you want to make a roof of tiles, you can cut out small rectangles, paint them with orange paint and glue them in rows alongPaper housethe roof. In this case, note that one row of tiles should hide a little under the other. Next, glue the roof on one side of the house so that you can open it.
    7. The walls of the house outside can be painted with paint. First, paint with yellow paint, and then apply a brown over the top. When the paint is dry, rub a little sandpaper on the walls with fine sandpaper. This will give logs the effect of real wood. Then paint the doors.
    8. You can varnish the house, then it will be more durable and, moreover, will shine.
    9. Inside the walls of the house, too, can be painted with any paint. And also do not forget about the floor.

    A paper house is ready. You can arrange the finished toy furniture in it or make it out of paper.

    Now you know how to make a toy house out of paper.

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