• How to make a paper knife?

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    How to make a paper knife?

    Of course, a knife made of paper will not be able to cause harm, but will serve as an excellent tool in games. And yet, the fascination of young children, especially boys, with cold arms in the future will have a good effect on their upbringing. From them will grow real men.

    Instructions on how to make a paper knife

    Take an ordinary A4 sheet, put it on the table in front of you and fold it up. Bend the first bend in five centimeters, then to the very end of the sheet. The end must be carefully fastened with adhesive tape.

    Cut a small part from the folded sheet. Then use scissors to make something like a pointed, pointed knife out of paper.

    Next, to make an origami knife out of paper, you need to fold another sheet. Cut a small piece from it, so that it goes through the knife and is in the role of a stopper or a cross.

    When cut, it should be inside to make a hole through which you insert into the blade. Then you need to gently stick with adhesive tape fixing the blade with the crosspiece.Then take the scissors and cut the teeth that a real knife has.

    To give this construction rigidity, you need to insert a wooden stick into the knife handle, best of all from the popsicle ice cream. It is also recommended to round off the edge of the handle, making it rounded.

    Bottom all fasten with duct tape. Just like that, you made a knife out of paper.

    Video instructions for this origami can also be found on the Internet, but the instructions provided will be enough to understand how to make a knife from paper. You can also give free rein to your imagination and decorate your paper hack.

    Folding origami knife

    1. Square sheet of paper folded diagonally.
    2. Bend the sides of the bottom corner, aligning with the central vertical line. Bend the upper corners, and combine them with each other.
    3. Bend the side strips so that they stand vertically. Turn over.
    4. Fold the side strips to the opposite side.
    5. Bend the side stripes in half.
    6. Fold the lower and upper corners of the workpiece.
    7. Sharpen the tip of the blade in two folds. Having bent preparation along, you receive already ready knife from paper.

    To keep the knife in good shape, mark additional fold lines.Bend the blade along, and place it perpendicular to the surface of the table or the surface on which you make origami. Bend the blade into the handle of the knife, fold the handle along. Thus, paper cold weapon is ready.

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