• How to make a photo montage?

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    How to make a photo montage?

    The Internet is full of funny photos in which, for example, the face of a celebrity is attached to the body of an animal or superhero. To make a photomontage does not necessarily know by heart the program Adobe Photoshop, although certain skills in the program are needed. You can also process a photo in this way on special sites, and you don’t need to pay a penny for it, but let's get everything in order.

    How to make a photomontage: Photoshop

    In general, this program is an excellent tool for creating a photomontage due to its versatility. So, how to make a photomontage in Photoshop? Photomontage includes the following manipulations:

    • Change the background.
    • Add a variety of effects.
    • Moving objects and people.
    • Change the color of various objects and much more.

    With this program, you can easily add or remove a person or object from a photo. Not everyone was lucky to take a picture with a soloist of your favorite group or president, and a photo montage will help to fulfill your desire.

    In addition to entertainment purposes, photo montage can also be used in serious work.For example, it can be used to correct significant defects in the shooting or to plan the design of a room or landscape.

    It often happens that a foreign object in the photo distracts attention to itself, and it would be great if it could be removed. Or do you even want to eliminate all the people in the photo, except yourself loved. This will help you Photoshop.

    Photomontage using Photoshop will allow you to combine two different photos into one, and get a photo together. You can also change the background in the photo, filling it with rich colors, without changing the characters.

    In a word, digital graphics open up quite wide possibilities, and with its help you can make almost any photo montage. The main disadvantage of the program Adobe Photoshop is the fact that to work you must have at least basic knowledge. But there are a lot of books, audio lessons, tutorials, video courses. However, it will be quite difficult for beginners to learn how to work in the program from books, because the information presented there is full of incomprehensible terms and not too visual (pictures, sometimes, it is not enough).Therefore, the best option would be to learn how to make a photo montage in video format.

    Photomontage online

    The network has a sufficient number of sites with which you can make a photo montage online. But almost any such resource automatically leaves its logo on the image, and this is, if not significant, but a minus. However, most of this logo is not even notice, enjoying the photo. First you need to decide on the choice of a site that offers photo montage services. For example:

    Despite the fact that the last site in the list is in English, it is quite easy to understand. He, by the way, has the broadest base of templates for photomontage.

    Then select the appropriate template from the list. Then you will be prompted to upload your photo. It should be borne in mind that the quality of the uploaded photo depends on the final result.

    Then, by elementary manipulations, you can add and remove effects, and as a result, the program generator will produce the final result. If he is satisfied, then you can save it on your computer. Many sites make it possible to upload the edited photo immediately to social networks.

    If you do not like the photo montage, then you can always take a couple of steps back and correct the shortcomings and errors, or, for example, choose another photo or template.

    Some sites allow you to upload several photos to the server at once, which you can browse with just a click of the mouse. Thus, it will be much easier to choose the most suitable image for the photomontage.

    On such sites you can make a photomontage for free, and the image quality may not be inferior to the similar installation in Photoshop.

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