• How to make a porch?

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    How to make a porch?

    The construction of the porch is usually the final stage in the construction of a country house. In the article we will tell you how to make a porch to the house, so that it is durable, comfortable and beautiful. But first you need to decide what will be our porch. Of course, if the house is wooden, then it is best to build a porch of wood, and a brick porch can be laid out to the brick house. Consider both options.

    How to make a brick porch

    For the construction of the porch we need a brick, waterproofing, sand, cement, porcelain and glue for it, as well as primer and grout for joints. From the tools you need to take a grinder or tile cutter, notched trowel and electric drill. First you need to make a foundation under the porch, for which we mark the dimensions of the porch right on the ground and dig out the foundation pit for these dimensions. The depth of the pit is greater, the larger the planned dimensions of the porch, however, please note that it is not recommended to make the foundation thinner than 20 cm.

    Now we mix cement with sand in proportions 1: 3 or 1: 4 (for cement M400 and M500, respectively) and fill the pit with the resulting concrete.To give concrete the greatest hardness, you can add a plasticizer to the mortar. Also, the plasticizer significantly reduces the time of solidification of the foundation. It is necessary to wait for solidification for at least a week, although it is possible that the mixture will solidify longer - from two to four weeks (if a plasticizer is not added). Now, in order to protect the porch from moisture, a waterproofing coating must be laid on the foundation. For these purposes, you can use, for example, roofing felt. Next, the roofing material is covered with a layer of cement (or ready-mix), after which it dries, you can start laying bricks or cinder blocks, if the porch is large. After the installation, you need to wait a few days for the structure to acquire good strength.

    Brick Porch Trim

    As a finishing material for the brick porch, so-called ceramic granite tile is often used. It has high frost resistance and excellent water-repellent properties. In addition, the porcelain tile is very durable and durable. The first stage of finishing work isthat a special primer is applied to the brick base, which significantly increases the adhesion of the coating, that is, its adhesion to other materials. We wait for the primer to dry and lay the tile, pre-spreading the surface and the tile itself with special glue.

    To prepare the tile adhesive, you need to gradually pour the adhesive mixture into a container with water according to the proportions indicated on the glue pack. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred using an electric drill with a nozzle, or manually with a spatula. After the glue is ready, proceed to laying it with a notched trowel. If you need to cut a tile, use a tile cutter or a grinder - only with a diamond disc. After finishing the lining, wait one day and grout using a special decorative mixture. Here is our porch and it's done! Also, in order to give the porch a more interesting look, you can use special decorative steps, which are often sold in various hardware stores.

    How to make a porch of wood

    A wooden porch is recommended to be built together with the house, so that the construction has a base and waterproofing in common with the house.Thus, you can avoid problems such as cracks between the pillars of the porch and the foundation of the house, subsidence of steps and the site. However, if you decide to build a porch after the construction of the house, we will tell you how to do it best. First, a few words about the material: for the construction of the porch it is better to use the exact same tree from which the house itself is made. As for versatile materials, a porch made of softwood - pine, spruce - will perfectly suit any wooden house. The ideal option is oak, but many are frightened by its high cost.

    Now let's talk about construction technology. The tree needs to be reliably protected from moisture penetration, for which the tree must first be polished and only then varnished. The bottom boards of the porch stairs must be coated with bitumen. This is done for additional protection from rotting material. Bitumen-coated boards last several times longer than usual. If there is no bitumen, you can use engine oil. Exterior parts should be treated with antiseptics - to protect against insect pests and the formation of mold.

    Foundation, frame and porch flooring

    For a wooden porch, it is quite possible to make a foundation of rubble with the subsequent laying of bricks or driving in pillars. Before laying the foundation, it is desirable to properly prepare the site for it. To do this, remove the top layer of turf, so that later weeds and grass will not grow under the porch. Now we fall asleep with rubble, and after, we lay brick or we drive in poles. Once finished with the foundation, proceed to the installation of the frame of the beam. Block elements are fastened together with screws. As for the flooring of a wooden porch, it is best to do it in the traditional way - with the help of so-called lags or supporting wooden beams. Lags should be placed at a distance of approximately 40 cm from each other. It is desirable to locate them across the movement - this will significantly increase the durability of the structure. The flooring itself is attached to the logs with special screws. And the final touch on how to make a porch with your own hands is a canopy designed to protect the porch and the inhabitants of the house from various precipitations.

    How to make a porch - a canopy and steps

    As a support for a canopy, it is best to use the vertical beams of the porch. Therefore, if you plan to do a carport over the porch, select the appropriate beams. According to the technology of manufacturing and installation of a canopy over the porch is practically no different from the manufacture and installation of the roof of the whole house. Experts recommend making a gable roof for the porch. As for the roof, then it can also use the same materials: slate, tile and others. The steps are best made with a riser height of 15-20 cm. The riser is a vertical part of the step. It is not necessary to make the risers higher, as it will be uncomfortable for ascending and descending the stairs. The width of the tread (or the depth of the step) should be chosen in the range from 30 to 40 cm. You can also make an additional rail if you wish.

    That's all technology. If you still have any questions, you will always be helped by a video on how to make a porch, because if you rephrase a well-known saying: it’s better for many to see once than read a hundred times.

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