• How to make a ramp?

    One of the new hobbies of our youth is fingerboarding. This hobby is skating, but in a smaller version. What is meant? A mini-skate is made for the fingers, and on a special ramp, this skate is controlled with two fingers. If the fingerboard can be purchased at a small price, then you will have to spend a lot on the ramp for the fingerboard. But, as always, it can be done at home. So, how to make a ramp.

    Ramp can be made from different materials. The article will discuss how to make a ramp from wooden materials and paper.

    How to make a ramp from fiberboard

    For the first option, we will need two small sheets of fiberboard (Fibreboard), a piece of particleboard (Fibreboard), four bars and nails. You will also need the following tools: hammer, saw, sandpaper.

    So let's start and learn how to make a ramp for a fingerboard. First we need to make the very surface of the ramp on which the skate will ride. Take one piece of fiberboard and soak it in water. Its dimensions should be: a length of 35 cm and a width of 20 cm.Why do you need to soak? This is done so that the sheet is limp, and it can be turned at the required angle. Once wet, wrap it on a large glass jar. Wrap a rope on top and tie. In this position, this sheet should dry. Next you prepare the base of the ramp itself. To do this, take two bars and a second sheet of fiberboard. Its dimensions should be: 45x20 cm. From the edges, at a distance of ten centimeters, nail to it bars, to which the surface of the ramp itself will be nailed. Instead of bars, you can take chipboard squares, dimensions 10x10 cm. And nail in the corners of a fiberboard sheet, adjacent to the length of the fiberboard. When the rolled fiberboard sheet is dry, we nail it to the bottom sheet, and fasten its edges to our supports (10 cm squares). Now we have slopes for skiing, but we still need to make platforms for turning on both sides. To do this, two pieces are cut from a chipboard sheet, measuring 20 cm in length and 10 cm in width and nailed to the top 10 cm squares. It remains to polish our surface ramps and if you want to paint.

    How to make a paper ramp

    Consider the second much easier option - how to make a mini ramp of paper.To do this, you will need a box of shoes, durable cardboard, glue, as well as tools: stationery knife, compasses and a ruler. So, first removed the lid of the shoe box. Further, on the inside of the shoe-case box, mark with an arc compass on the side walls. Arcs must be on both sides of each side of the box. Moreover, the arc should begin at a distance of the same ten centimeters from the edges of the box. After marking with an arc compass, we connect their ends in the bottom of the box with a pencil and cut out a kind of indentation in the wall of the box with the help of a clerical knife along the received contours. Next, take a large cardboard, 5 cm wide than the box. You apply the cardboard to the cavities cut in the box, and measure how much you need to cut it off. The same cardboard should be a platform for deployment. Cut out the cardboard. Further, on the sides, make small cuts every 4-6 cm, and on the places where it will bend through 2 cm. At the end, you stick it to the box.

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