• How to make a rat?

    August 31, 2014
    How to make a rat?

    There are many different ways to do your own rat. This charming animal will be an excellent gift and souvenir. To create a little rat you will need:Rat

    • wine cork or piece of foam;
    • copper wire with a diameter of 1.5 mm;
    • three pins with a ball;
    • jute splits;
    • gray wool thread;
    • two paper clips;
    • thin fishing line;
    • white eraser.

    Stages of work

    1. First of all, you need to prepare the basis for the rat. It will be most convenient to use a wine cork, having previously turned it around. AsRatAlternatives may be foam. To grind the body, use a sharp knife. Just do it very carefully. As a result, you should have a cone.
    2. We make paws, a tail and a base for the muzzle of copper wire. It is necessary to fix the wire in such a way that it does not move. The tips of the wire on the legs slightly bent.
    3. We attach a pin with a ball to the tip of the wire base for the head, glue them together and wrap them with any thread. In the future it will be a nose. BallRaton the pin can be painted.
    4. Now we wrap the head with a string, giving it the correct shape. Do not forget to coat with glue.
    5. Limbs, tail and body are wound with wool thread to the desired thickness. Thanks to the hooks on the ends of the legs, you get palms. Constantly lubricate the body with glue.
    6. At the last turn we wrap our heads, starting from the nose. All the remaining tails of the threads are glued and hidden.Rat
    7. As the ears, we use the halves of the clips, cut, pasted and wrapped. Leaving 5 mm of unwound clips, we glue this tail with glue and stick the rat in the head.
    8. The eyes are made of colored pins with balls.
    9. Mustache is best made from thin fishing line.
    10. In the legs of a rat, you can put a piece of cheese, which is very easy to make from a white eraser. It is necessary to cut the eraser of the desired shape, and to melt small holes with some kind of metal heated object. At the final stage - the cheese must be painted.

    Now you know how to make a rat with the help of scrap materials quickly and easily.

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