• How to make a smoke generator?

    Irina Fateeva
    Irina Fateeva
    February 4, 2013
    How to make a smoke generator?

    Computer games flooded the whole world. Many are so bogged down in this exciting and fantastic world that they do not think of further coexistence without them. But to succeed in this plan and to advance much further than others, we need knowledge. After all, without some chips, the game can not do. Today we look at one of those.

    Consider the game Minecraft, how to make a smoke generator in it? Absolutely nothing complicated, a couple of practical advice and you are “on horseback”.

    So, from the blocks to build the foundation, in the middle of which there is free space, surrounded from all sides by a wall. A ring was formed, and below it there was a hole, in the middle of which there was lava. There will be water on the side of the blocks. It is the lava that will not let it spread and retain its cube shape. The generator started and released a small pillar of smoke.

    And now you need to constantly move the cube of water. To organize the continuous operation of the smoke generator, you need a constant impulse. For this, the area around the blocks is outlined.The water will move in a circle and be updated, that is, there will be a continuous simulation of smoke. Now gently fix this pattern.

    To do this, build a pulse generator. In a cube we place torches in a circle. On which, in turn, blocks are installed. Under the main, for control, we have one more torch. Redstone outlines all our constructions, making sure that everything is connected ultimately to the smoke generator. Install the lever. Do not forget in the middle of the pulse generator to install a piece of redstone.

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