• How to make a strobe?

    The stroboscope is a device that allows you to monitor the discrete elements of the movement of fast moving objects. The principle of operation of such a homemade product is based on the fact that the observation of the object occurs through the obturator (periodically blocked opening). And if you want to have such a device in your arsenal, but you don’t know how to make a stroboscope, then the recommendations below will be useful to you. Thanks to them, you can easily make such a product with your own hands in the shortest possible time.

    Before you make a strobe, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. You will need:

    • jigsaw;
    • compass;
    • ruler;
    • sandpaper;
    • a hammer;
    • screwdriver;
    • drill;
    • drill;
    • knife;
    • 2 plywood plates 20x20 cm;
    • wooden block (length 20-25 cm, thickness and width of 5 mm);
    • battery power to the motor;
    • direct current motor;
    • wire resistor (its impedance should be 5-25 ohms);
    • installation wire;
    • screws;
    • pieces of dense foam of small size with a thickness of 3 mm;
    • switch;
    • 2 small nails;
    • Scotch;
    • glue.

    Making a strobe light with your own hands

    • Cut a disk out of plywood with a knife. Its diameter should be equal to 20 cm. On it from the same center you will draw a compass de circle. The first should be equal to 8 cm, and the second - 5 cm. Then draw one diameter through them. Divide the inner circle into six equal parts. Drill a hole at the intersection of the total diameter and outer circumference. Its diameter must be equal to 1 cm. Then drill 6 of the same holes, but already on the inner circle using the marking made earlier. After that, in the center of the disc, you will need to make a hole, the diameter of which should be 1 mm. At the same time make sure that this hole is smaller than the diameter of the axis of the prepared motor.
    • Nail a disk with a small nail, aligning their centers to the second plywood blank so that the nail can be removed a little later. The second nail will need to drive at any point, but you need to try to do it away from the holes, and you should not pierce the second sheet of plywood through.
    • Circle the attached disk, and then, on the opposite side of the plywood, drill one hole in the inner and outer circumference. Then disconnect the parts and cut the second disc exactly according to the markings made.
    • Take a wooden block and make a pen out of it. It will make the strobe more convenient, in addition, in the future it will be used to mount the engine. Therefore, on the one hand, the handle will need to be sampled for the engine, so that later it can be fixed at rest.
    • Secure the electric motor on the finished handle. After that, solder to it all the available taps wires.
    • Stick the washer on the center of the disc, which has fewer holes. Then fix it on the motor axis. To strengthen the connection, be sure to use glue.
    • Start collecting electrical circuit. To do this, connect a motor, a resistor, a battery and a power switch in series. It is worth saying that you can attach parts on the handle with scotch tape. But this should be done so that they do not interfere with the rotation of the disk.
    • Fasten the second plywood disk to the handle with screws. It is important to set it so that it becomes fixed, but at the same time, the centers of both disks must coincide. Through both holes that are located on a fixed disk, the holes of the other should be visible.
    • After that, your strobe will be ready. In order to start using it, you will need to turn on the electric motor. It will be possible to observe the object or mechanism being examined through one of the holes located on the fixed disk or through the opening of the movable disk. At the same time to observe the fast processes, you should use the holes in the inner circle, and for slower ones - use the external one.

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