• How to make a subwoofer?

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    How to make a subwoofer?

    For a true music lover, listening to music through standard computer speakers is a terrible punishment. Everyone selects a good speaker system for themselves. But, besides the fact that this pleasure is not cheap, it is sometimes difficult to choose the columns of the necessary parameters. And then the only way out is to do it yourself. Now we will understand how to make a subwoofer with your own hands.

    Making a subwoofer at home takes place in several stages:

    • Selection of materials;
    • Housing design;
    • Build subwoofer.

    Selection of materials

    Before starting all the work necessary to collect the necessary materials for the manufacture of housing. In order to make a subwoofer yourself, you need to purchase:

    • speaker (purchased, depending on your needs);
    • plugs to connect the speaker to the player (must match the connectors of your equipment);
    • wires for connecting a subwoofer;
    • multilayer plywood;
    • trimming plumbing pipe;
    • wood screws (from the smallest to 50 mm in length);
    • wooden bars of different sections (from 20x20 mm and more);
    • PVA glue;
    • silicone sealant;Subwoofer
    • felt or hard foam;
    • paint.

    Having decided on the necessary materials, we turn to the instrument that we need in order to make a subwoofer with our own hands:

    • hacksaw, preferably with fine teeth;
    • electric drill;
    • jigsaw;
    • chisel;
    • file;
    • compasses, pencil, ruler;
    • screwdriver or screwdriver (you can do both);
    • emery paper, from coarse to "nulevka".

    Hull design

    1. We start designing the body of the future subwoofer. For this we need a computer and a speaker that will be the “heart” of the subwoofer. Remember, it is very important to know all the technical characteristics of the speaker. In particular, the resonance frequency in open space, the full Q-factor andSubwooferequivalent volume. All this is in the passport data, so it is better not to save and buy a new speaker in the store with all the documents.
    2. Install the program on your computer.
    3. We enter the data dynamics into the program.
    4. The program will calculate for you the optimal size of the subwoofer box, based on the data of your dynamics.

    WinISD 0.44.allows you to design four types of subwoofers. Of these, the optimal box, which will work with maximum efficiency, is bandpass. His speaker is attached to the jumper inside the box, it has two cameras and two phase inverters. For phase inverters fit trim plumbing pipes. The program will calculate the length itself, but for this you need to know the diameter.

    And now let's start directly for the manufacture of the subwoofer box. Here the main rule - do not rush. Error in the measurements can lead to the fact that everything will have to be done again.

    Subwoofer collection

    Before you assemble a subwoofer, you must cut the box.

    1. We start with a pencil and a ruler. On the sheet of plywood we will trace the contours of the future box.
    2. We cut a sheet of plywood. To do this, take a hacksaw or jigsaw with a speed controller. Sawing slowly, otherwise the plywood will stratify and this is not the best way reflected in the sound of the subwoofer.
    3. All edges are carefully cleaned with a file and sandpaper, they should be perfectly smooth and even.
    4. The walls of the subwoofer will be attached to each other using bars, so measure the required length of the bars.
    5. Cut a hole under the speaker.The speaker will be inside the subwoofer. In the bridge between the cameras with a compass we will define a circle with a diameter slightly larger than the speaker cone.
    6. We process the hole with a file and sandpaper. The principle is the same - the edge of plywood should be smooth. When processing, we hold the file at a slight angle so that the plywood does not exfoliate.
    7. In the same way, we cut out 2 holes for phase inverters in the places indicated by the program.
    8. Solder the wires and connectors to the speaker. The attachment points of wires, as a rule, are indicated in the instructions for the dynamics itself.
    9. We put the speaker to the resulting hole. Mark the places in which it will be attached to the sheet and drill. It is best to fix the speaker with special double-sided furniture nuts.
    10. The most crucial stage begins - the assembly of the subwoofer body.SubwooferWe insert a drill into the drill; we choose a diameter two times smaller than the diameter of the self-tapping screws. We drill in those places where the wall will be attached to other walls and bars.
    11. Now we need glue. At the junction of the walls and bars with a thick layer of applied glue. It performs two functions at once - it will increase the strength of the body and seal the joints.
    12. We connect the walls with screws.Screw them all the way, the fortress in the design of the subwoofer housing is critical. Make sure the corners are even.
    13. Fasten the speaker. The junction of the speaker and the wall must be lubricated with sealant.
    14. We drill the outlet for the wires, stretch the wires through it and seal the hole with a sealant.
    15. Go to the soundproofing. Inside the body must be pasted sound absorbing material. It is he who is responsible for the "softness" of the subwoofer bass. In addition, it reduces the pressure on the walls.
    16. Fasten the back wall. In principle, the subwoofer is ready, it remains only to check the quality of the assembly. Turn on the music, listen, if there is any extraneous noise.
    17. If the appearance of the subwoofer is important, paint the plywood in the desired color or cover it with a cloth.

    If you still have questions about how to make a subwoofer with your own hands, watch the training video that will dispel all your doubts.

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