• How to make a treasure map?

    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    July 20, 2012
    How to make a treasure map?

    A treasure map is one of the most effective ways to facilitate the fulfillment of desires. With this thing your dreams can become a reality. In essence, this is a piece of paper, a collage, which depicts a collection of your desires in the form of photographs, pictures, drawings, words. Let us dwell on how to make a treasure map.

    Making a treasure map: what is needed

    For making we need a sheet of paper of any size you like. Many people find small cards more practical, since the big ones are wrinkled and it is not very convenient to store them. You can use cardboard and even metal boards with magnets.

    After we decided on the size and material, we proceed to work on the design.

    In the center of the sheet paste a photo with your image. In this photo you must be cheerful and cheerful.

    On the edges of the photos we paste pictures and photos of what you want. If there is no suitable image, you can replace it with an inscription or draw it yourself.

    Important additions

    It is believed that the image on the card should be applied in a certain sequence, in accordance with the Feng Shui system. It will make her stronger and more effective. So, the southern direction is responsible for success and luck, the northern - for a career, the eastern symbolizes family and friendship, and the west is responsible for children and creativity.

    It is best to make a new treasure map on the new moon. Well, if you hide your desires from prying eyes, it will maximize the effectiveness of this technique.

    Treasure map for kids

    For children, a wish card is not only a way to make wishes come true, but also an exciting game. Children are naive, more faith in miracles and everything unusual, so their desires can come true faster. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that dreams are often more feasible for children.

    Children's card is not fundamentally different from an adult. Making it can be turned into a game, pay attention to the design. You can make a treasure map in the form of a flower: attach a photo of a child to the center, and indicate desires on the petals. Explain to the child that every wish must be clearly stated.Only then will the card work. Such a thing is especially useful for parents on the eve of holidays: New Year, Christmas and others.

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