• How to make a tree from origami

    You will need
    • - green paper;
    • - scissors;
    • - foil;
    • - tinsel;
    • - glue.
    For the manufacture of handicrafts in the techniqueorigamiBasic forms are used - certain folding methods that serve as the basis for the future shape. First make three details of the basic form "Kite". To do this, prepare three squares: large, slightly smaller and small.
    Take one corner of the part and attach it to the opposite. Bend and align to match the sides. Then iron the fold line. Now flatten the part, returning the original shape of the square.
    After that, the sides of the square attach "valley" to the resulting centerline. Align and bend. Now extend the inner corners so that the fold lines are near, along the centerline.
    String the resulting parts on each other. Flip underChristmas tree. NowChristmas treeYou can decorate with pieces of tinsel, sparkles, beads. Or make foil figures with a hole punch and glue them to improvised branches.This product can decorate thisChristmas treeor donate as a bookmark.
    To make the next version of the tree, you will need 10 circles of different diameters (the number of circles may be different, depending on the desired size of crafts and pomp). Divide the circles into 8 equal parts, make a marking with a pencil.
    Now make cuts approximately to the middle of the planned lines. Then at the end of each segment, make cones and glue them together. Repeat the same with other circles.
    From the wire, prepare the trunk for the future Christmas tree. When doing so, consider the height of the product and add 20 cm for a stable base. Straighten the wire. Form a circle at one end so that the tree can stand. The middle of the prepared circles pierce a toothpick. Now string the parts from the largest to the smallest. For the top of the tree, cut a circle, even smaller in diameter, and make a cone of it.
    Another way to make a Christmas tree from paper also involves assembling a model of round parts. It will require 3 different circles in diameter. Divide each part into many equal parts (the more parts, the firmer the tree will be).
    Make cuts to the middle of the intended lines. And cut one of them to the middle of the circle. Rotate the part face down. Using a pencil, twist the cut parts.
    Now make a cone from the circle. Similarly, prepare the remaining Christmas tree circles from circles. Put the parts on top of each other. Decorate the product.

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