• How to make a two-piece stick

    You will need
    • - apartment plan;
    • - technical conclusion and draft agreed with all authorities;
    • - Construction Materials;
    • - construction team.
    Draw on a sheet of paper a plan of the apartment (you can use a copy of the official plan from the BTI) and mark on it the position of the windows, sewer and plumbing riser, ventilation shaft. Note that the bearing walls can not be demolished, and the non-bearing ones - only by agreement with all authorities. In addition, any transfers of communications, gas equipment, electrical sockets under the stove will have to be coordinated.
    Rate the possibilities of the apartment. If in one of the rooms there are two windows, be sure to use this and divide this room in half. If this is not possible, and the third room inevitably remains dark - hang a false window on the wall (a light-house with an image of nature). In addition, to maintain natural lighting in the room, you can use translucent partitions, equipped with blinds, tinting, curtains or other devices.
    Perhaps both rooms are too small, and there is no way to divide one of them in half. In this case, pay attention to the kitchen. From the large kitchen you can make an excellent room. In this case, kitchen furniture, stove and even a sink (if you live on the ground floor) can be transferred to the loggia. In addition, a kitchenette can be useful in the living room.
    The large loggia itself can become a third room, for example, a study or bedroom. To do this, conduct a full insulation of the ceiling, walls and floor of the balcony, using only lightweight safe materials. Take care of the heating of the balcony: it can be conventional heating radiators (central heating radiators can not be removed), the system "warm floor" or other heating appliances.
    See if it is possible to expand one of the rooms at the expense of the bathroom or hallway. If you have a dark room (pantry), consider options for using it.
    Unauthorized redistribution of apartments without drafting the project and approval is illegal. Contact the housing inspection of your area, get a technical opinion and on its basis make a project (any organization that is licensed can do it).
    Reconcile the project in SES, Pozhnadzor, DEZ (REU, TSZH) and other instances.If you make a redevelopment without permission, it threatens you with the following consequences: you will have problems with the sale, exchange, donation, pledge and insurance of the apartment. In any accident, they are most likely to be found guilty. If the fact of redevelopment becomes known to the housing inspection (for example, neighbors are complaining), you will face fines, up to the court and the withdrawal of the apartment.

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