• How to make a video portal?

    In the process of developing your own website, many people think about which niche to choose. The fact is that everyone wants it to remain not only unique, interesting, but also profitable. One of the most interesting areas is the creation of a video portal. Almost every user of the World Wide Web likes to watch various videos and visit relevant resources on the web. That is why it is worth considering how to make a video portal.

    CMS selection

    As a CMS, the perfect solution is InstantCMS. Its main advantage is the presence of an additional component InstantVideo. Working with this CMS is as simple as possible, respectively, even a user who does not have special programming skills will be able to figure it out. It is noteworthy that the system can be configured in such a way that in the future the engine independently checks other sites and automatically fills your resource. To get started with it, you must go to the address - and purchase a CMS.

    Special attention is given to the fact that InstantCMS provides an opportunity to monetize the site without any problems (that is, to receive income from the site). For this it is sufficient for certain sections to establish paid access.

    Posting videos

    There are many services for publishing videos on the Internet. The most popular is YouTube. However, if you plan to impart a certain individuality to a page with your own videos, you may notice that many video hosting sites have quite modest possibilities for this.

    For this reason, it is recommended to use the service VidCaster. It will help to make the portal more beautiful and interesting for visitors.

    During the registration of the account you will be asked to write an account on YouTube. In the future, any of your videos will be automatically imported from there. Optionally, you can hide unnecessary materials or add videos from Vimeo and YouTube.

    By pressing the Edit button, located near any video clip, you can open its window of characteristics. Here the user can change the name of the video, add an explanation, a brief description, etc.

    Separate attention deserves the Site tab. Here you can select a suitable website design template, set a background image, adjust the color scheme, etc. Thus, we get an interesting and attractive portal that allows you to present videos in the best possible way.

    Monetization of the video portal

    Naturally, one of the main goals of creating a video portal is earnings. To date, there are the following methods of monetization:

    • Advertising placement (use of contextual and banner advertising). The best solution are teasers. For these ads is almost impossible to get a ban for the site. However, it is important to regularly monitor that the portal does not display unpleasant advertising for visitors.
    • Paid subscription. It represents the viewing of videos posted on your portal for a fee.
    • Video hosting development. If you want to consistently make money on video, then it is recommended that you become the owner of the site where the videos of users are laid out. In the future, you can set up a partnership with advertising services, as well as advertisers and resellers.

    To create your own video hosting, you will need quite impressive expenses for technical support. Thus, this way of earning is suitable only for experienced webmasters who have a wealth of experience in setting up hosting and self-service it.

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