• How to make a wither in Minecraft?

    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    December 19, 2014
    How to make a wither in Minecraft?

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    How to make a wither in Minecraft?

    Desiccant is a Minecraft character who is distinguished by his hostility towards all but evil (skeletons, zombies, other desiccants). Blowers can destroy building blocks. They fight with the help of specific shells - skulls, which, falling into other characters, cause a draining effect. This effect lasts a different amount of time, depending on the complexity of the game. But causes significant damage to health. Let's talk about how you can make a desiccant in Minecraft.

    How to create a desiccant

    The Desiccant is created with the help of sand blocks of the soul and the skulls of the skeleton-desiccant. First, you need to put four blocks of sand of the soul with the letter T, and then on top of the three blocks of skulls of the skeleton-desiccant. After that, the character is ready, but his health is still incomplete. He will pick it up after some time on his own and immediately rush into battle, destroying everything in his path.

    As you can see, to create a desiccant, you first need a skull skeleton-desiccant. Where do you get it?

    Skeleton Skull Skull

    To get the skull of the skeleton-desiccant, you first need to fight with this skeleton and, having defeated him, pick up the skull. The skeleton of the desiccant can only be found in the hellish fortresses. It looks like an ordinary skeleton, only a little more in height, as well as black. Please note that the lighting level must be less than seven.

    In order to win the battle with the skeleton-desiccant, you must remember that they are very mobile. It is best to keep a long distance and leave yourself a place to move and maneuver. But to attack them at a distance of 10 blocks is also useless. Also, skeletons-desiccants can pick up armor, which complicates the task of dealing with them.

    After the victory over the skeleton-desiccant pick up the skull and create a desiccant. Good luck!

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