• How to make bokeh in Photoshop (Photoshop)?

    Increasingly popular is gaining bokeh effect in web design. What is bokeh? In Japanese, it means "blur." This effect is especially popular among modern photographers. Many are interested in how to make bokeh in Photoshop, do you need to apply ready-made textures or brushes for this? Yes, you can make bokeh using Photoshop! The bokeh is based on a thoughtful blur based on the artisticity of the image. The vagueness and lack of focus of some areas is thoroughly justified. In this case, one cannot do without good methods and some practical skills. Having mastered them, you will get the necessary background for you background, as the header of the site, and to its menu.

    Bokeh effect in Photoshop

    In Adobe Photoshop, you can find the new Alien Skin Bokeh plug-in, which draws attention to a specific piece of the photo. This addition allows you to improve the image: add depth of field, create a vignette, highlight the main object of the available method. The effect of lubrication, which is obtained by using conventional lenses can be achieved with the help of this plug-in.As in real lenses, this program allows you to correct the background blur, impact diameter, shooting distance, stiffness, depth, focal length, and aperture value while editing a photo with the adjusting sliders.

    The plugin can change the settings on the finished images in the post-processing process, compensating for the shortcomings of digital cameras. This program allows you to view real-time versions of images in different modes. According to the developers, this plugin is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

    Textures for Photoshop bokeh

    Consider how to add an unusual effect to your photo.

    • Create a new file in Photoshop. Its resolution should be great. If you are doing this for the first time, it is better to try to make the effect in the figure, and having already mastered the technique of switching to photographs. To do this, draw something and apply a defocus filter to the object.
    • Find the fill tool and fill the area you created in dark gray. Next, find the “ellipse” tool and draw a circle to them. Fill our circle with black.
    • Go to the Blending Options - setting the blending layers - and reduce the transparency of our circle by 50%.Next, select Stroke - Stroke - 10 pixels thick. It should be black, internal.
    • After done go to the Edit menu, click Define Brush. This will allow our circle to turn into a full brush. Brushes for Photoshop bokeh can copy circles many times, draw these circles. Select the brush that we created in the brush menu and specify the desired size. Spacing parameter set at 100%.
    • Create a new layer and fill it with a translucent gradient with any color you like. Set Overlay in blending mode, choose a linear style.
    • Create a new layer. Draw a new brush large circles. Open Gaussian Blur - filter setting - specify blur - 20 pixels. Create a new layer on which we draw smaller circles. We put on them the Gaussian Blur filter by 4 pixels. Do the same on the 3rd layer, but with 1 pixel blur.

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