• How to make boots?

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    How to make boots?

    In winter, no man can do without a warm, comfortable and high-quality pair of boots. We always want to have exceptionally strong and original shoes. Let's touch together the mystery of how to make boots correctly and with unique decor (for fans of Uggs, an excellent master class is presented on the page).

    Cutting out parts

    Sewing boots, like any other type of shoes always start with a pattern. To prepare it, it is necessary to cut out the shape of each individual component of the boots. When the manufacturer needs to develop many different combinations of design boots, as well as make the boots of each individual size, he has to take into account the fact that for each pair of shoes you will need your own pattern.

    It is necessary to cut out details for such parts of the boots: heel, lower section, insole (inner part of the boot, located directly under the foot), sole (outer layer of the lower part of the boot, which directly contacts the ground).

    Pad as toolkit

    The shoe is one of the most important tools in the creation of boots. This detail has the shape of a foot, and boots are modeled on its basis. For each size and model of boots the block is used. The importance of the pad is that it is the determining basis for the shape of the boot and how it will fit the foot.

    Edge processing

    The process of processing the edges consists in flattening the edges of the skin elements, which were pre-cut on the pattern. As a result of these actions, the edges become thinner than the thickness of the skin of the main part. In addition, they make a bend of the edge, which allows you to gently connect with each other (and with the block) leather parts. This improves the quality of the manual finishing of boots and their convenience during the nose. Next comes the stitching of all the pieces.

    Fittings use

    Regardless of what accessories will be used in the manufacture of boots, its elements must be prepared. You can use a variety of complementary and decorating parts: buckles, zippers, clasps, eyelets, and so on. Guided by the type of fittings, the method of its addition is determined.Such can be sticking, stuffing, sewing.

    Determination of the type of heel

    Here, the breadth of choice is limited only by the needs of the creator. It is important that a non-slip heel be always added to the bottom of the heel, no matter what type (or height) of the heel is chosen.

    Exterior finish

    At this stage of the manufacture of boots, it is necessary to put the final touches on the decoration of the upper segment of the boots. It all depends on the flight of your imagination.

    Collect the bottom of the boots

    The sole and insole are the main elements of the bottom of the shoe. Since the insole is a layer of gasket inside the boot, its choice must be made very carefully. It is better to use a shock-absorbing insole and a soft pad in the part of the arch of the foot. When the inner surface of the boots is completely flat, this means that there is no support for the arch of the foot. The basic design of the lower part of the boots is then covered on one side with an insole, and on the reverse side with a sole.

    Adding sole

    Whatever the outer layer of the bottom of the boot (sole) is made of: rubber, natural rubber, leather or other materials,it must cope with the role of soft pads and be flexible in the front. Fasten the sole to the boot can be either by gluing or sewing.

    Final processing

    This stage is the cleaning, processing and sometimes polishing of boots. In more detail the process of creating shoes can be viewed on the video:

    How to make boots with your own hands

    To independently make boots for the costume of the Musketeer, Fisherman, Cowboy, Puss in Boots and other outfits for children, you must first measure the legs of the future character's legs. Leave a margin of about 3 cm and cut a rectangle out of paper. In this figure, the height is the height of the future boot, and the width is the width of the baby's lower leg plus 3 cm. This rectangle needs to be painted in the color you want, and after drying, roll and glue. For decoration, you can cut out the paper sides (cuffs) and glue them on top of the boot. If you want to continue decorating.

    Tip: do not make the boots too high, since the child will be uncomfortable to walk in them. Answer the question what to make of old boots, will help the designer’s lesson presented on the page.

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