• How to make cool shorts with your own hands?

    How familiar is the situation when you dream to buy short shorts, which are now very popular among young people, and are also very comfortable and relevant clothes in the summer heat, but when you go shopping, you start to measure dozens of options, and not one does not fit.

    And this is not at all because the shorts are like that, but everyone needs their own length, color and size, which is sometimes very difficult to find in one copy. But, fortunately, denim shorts are such clothes, which you can easily make with your own hands, resorting to some simple advice.

    Almost every girl has the sad experience of self-cutting old jeans in order to transform them into short and fashionable shorts of their dreams. Why sad?

    Because few young people graduated from professional seamstress courses, so some points were not taken into account, and the shorts were too short or crooked, and maybe they couldn’t beautify them in the proper way.Do not worry, bad experience does not mean that you should not try again. So, how to make fashionable shorts with your own hands?

    First of all, it is necessary to select "material", from which we will implement our idea. Best of all, old jeans are suitable for this, not new ones, otherwise you will not get the desired result.

    And besides, for certain, every girl will have in the closet a couple of battered jeans that are no longer suitable for wearing, or maybe they are just out of fashion. We give the second life of the old thing, maybe it will be longer and happier than the first, who knows.

    Before you decide how to redo old jeans, you need to familiarize yourself with some fashion trends that must be present in your new shorts.

    What is now at the peak of popularity?

    • In fashion, beautiful open legs, so shorts do, as short as possible, it will give your shorts a lot of sexuality.
    • Rovanka and fringe are again popular, this applies to both shorts and jeans, so that we can safely add holes, hanging pieces of fabric, slits, which is enough for fantasy!
    • Bright and juicy colors, their combinations, a whole rainbow on shorts - all this is welcomed, as never before. So, we stock up paint for clothes, we whiten jeans and we paint them in bright shades.
    • Do not forget about other jewelry: sequins, metal rivets of various shapes and spikes, various fabrics with patterns and lace. Imagine, and suddenly you get the most that neither is an exclusive thing.

    From old jeans

    In order to provide yourself with everything you need in such a creative business, most importantly, stock up on old jeans and scissors. And, depending on your desire, you may need tweezers, iron rivets and some cloth. So what is the main thing?

    Before you start cutting old fabrics, try on old pants and, having determined the visually desired length, mark it directly on yourself with a piece of chalk or dry light soap. If you want to end up with shorts with small cuffs, add another 5 centimeters to the desired length.

    It is strongly recommended not to cut jeans right along the line, which limits your desired length. It is better to first cut the leg off just above the knees, try it on, and then trim it again. Such actions need to be done a few, but suddenly you will be satisfied with the length obtained, even without having reached the desired level. Or vice versa, having cut off, you begin to understand that the length is too short.

    Categorically it is not recommended to cut two legs at once together, this will most likely lead to the fact that one of them will exactly turn out to be a curve.

    If you decide to dilute the classic version with holes and scuffs, then the main thing here is not to overdo it, especially when it comes to holes. The principle is as follows: if you decide to perforate your new creation, then pierce your shorts in the right place with a nail file, making a small hole. It can already be expanded with sharp scissors, and to get curly cuts, you can resort to using a razor. It is best to cut the wet jeans, and in order to avoid unnecessary punctures, just put something solid in the pant leg.

    With spikes and ombre effect

    As we said, we measure the length you need and begin to trim gradually, approaching the desired result. The back of the pants is best done a bit longer than the front to cover all the flaws, if, of course, there are. The main thing to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible, that is, the back part can not be much longer than the front.

    After you got the shorts you need, start creating scuffs and holes.If you have never done anything like this before, it is best to start with a pocket, you can cut it, if anything. Cut two straight and parallel lines to each other on the pocket, from the left seam to the right. If you look at the texture of the material, you can see that jeans are made up of white and blue threads.

    You need tweezers, one by one, pull out all the strings of blue between the two notched stripes. The first thread is pulled harder, but then everything will be much easier. So you got a torn white stripe. To achieve a natural effect, the slits can be torn off and poked the material with tweezers around the white thread.

    Then you can go to the front part, if, of course, you are all arranged in the back. If you can not immediately, then you can practice on a separate piece of cloth. On the front, you can make the same effect in any place you like. It is better if it is over the inside pockets so that your cuts do not look too vulgar.

    After the scuffs and cuts are ready, it is necessary to start painting. It's all in the hands of your imagination.We will paint in two shades of blue - light blue and dark blue. Fabric paint is diluted in warm water, after which part of your invention, for example, only the trouser leg, is lowered into it. Five minutes is enough, after which the shorts must be pulled out and dried. The next day, when they are completely dry, you can paint the upper part, dip them in a darker shade, then dry them again. After such procedures, pants need a good stretch.

    At your discretion, spikes and rivets are added, for example, we will decorate the second pocket with iron rivets. Iron rivets enough to put on super glue, be careful, do not leave stains on the legs, or the whole effect will be spoiled.

    We hope that our recommendations helped to answer your question how to make shorts out of pants, and you, having applied this knowledge, are already actively producing the new creation.

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