• How to make injections?

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    How to make injections?

    Life sometimes confronts us with tasks that we never thought of performing. Information on how to do the injections can be useful to everyone. After all, intramuscular injections can be done independently at home. And intravenous, of course, must be left to a specialist.

    How to make injections intramuscularly

    First of all, people think about where to do the injection right. Intramuscular injections are usually done in the gluteal muscles, much less often in the muscles of the anterior surface of the thigh. It is very important to know how to do a shot in the buttock, namely in what place, because having made a mistake, you can damage the sciatic nerve, which leads to serious complications. Mentally divide the patient's buttock into 4 parts. It is necessary to prick to the extreme upper area. Making the injection for the first time, make a marking with a cotton swab with iodine, as advised by experts.

    Now let's talk about the position of the patient. It is very important that the patient lies, his muscles in this case will be relaxed, and accordingly, he will not feel the pain from the injection. But if he will stand and drastically reduce the muscle from the injection, the needle may break.By the way, intramuscular injections cannot be made with a short needle; purchase special long ones. The procedure itself:

    1. Be sure to wash your hands.
    2. Shake the ampoule, lightly tap the tip of the ampoule so that there is no medicine left and wipe the tip of the ampoule well with cotton wool and alcohol.
    3. In any box with ampoules there is a file, which you have to hold several times on the tip, you should press hard enough. The tip will break off. If you are not sure that you know how to open the ampoule correctly, first read the guide: "How to open the ampoule?".
    4. Pulling the syringe out of the package, put the needle on it until you remove the cap from it.
    5. Only then can you remove the cap and take medicine from the ampoule.
    6. Hold the syringe with the needle upward in the upright position and lightly tap on it with your fingernail. So, air bubbles will rise up. Now you can release this air: press until the first drop of medicine appears at the end of the needle.
    7. Cap the needle again.
    8. Wipe with a cotton swab with alcohol.
    9. To avoid pain, it is advised to squeeze or stretch the skin in the injection area with the fingers of the other hand. Although this is absolutely not necessary in adults.How to make an injection to the child? It is recommended for children to squeeze the skin in the injection zone.
    10. The main thing - do not be afraid and do not be nervous, but with a sharp confident movement, insert the needle almost the entire length of the needle into the designated injection site.
    11. Enter the medicine, not in a hurry.
    12. Now pull out the needle and then quickly press the injection area with cotton wool and alcohol.

    How to make an injection subcutaneously

    Most often, injections in this case are introduced into the outer surface of the shoulder, the lower part of the armpit, the subscapularis, the lateral surface of the abdominal wall, and the anterior surface of the thigh. But the best place for a subcutaneous injection is the zone of the withers.

    So, hold the syringe with medicine in your right hand, and grab and lift the skin in the area of ​​the withers with your left hand. The injection is made into the base of the skin fold and along its direction at a small angle. The needle should penetrate deep into the skin. Be sure to fix the needle cannula!

    How to do an intravenous injection

    Intravenous injections are the work of a medical professional! Most often done in the cubital fossa, also use the superficial veins of the hand, forearm.

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
    2. Let the patient lie down or sit down, arm in a bent state up with the palm. It is best to place an oilcloth pad under the elbow so that the arm reaches the maximum elbow.
    3. Take the medicine.
    4. Apply the rubber band to the middle third of the shoulder (on the shirt or napkin). The loose ends will be directed upwards, and the loop - downwards. Note, on the radial artery, the pulse should not change.
    5. Let the patient work with his fist.
    6. Find the right vein.
    7. Treat the skin in the elbow with a cotton ball with alcohol.
    8. The syringe should be in the right hand, and the index finger - to hold the needle cannula. The remaining fingers cover the top of the cylinder.
    9. If there are a lot of air bubbles in the syringe, shake it so that they blend into one big bubble. It can be easily pushed out.
    10. Treat the injection site again with a NEW ball with alcohol.
    11. Fix the skin with your left hand.
    12. The patient's fist is clenched! Hold the needle of the syringe almost parallel to the vein with a cut up. Pierce the skin and gently insert the needle one third.
    13. Using your left hand to fix the vein, slightly change the direction of the needle and very gently puncture the vein until you feel "emptiness".
    14. Pull the piston towards you.If you hit a vein, blood should appear in the syringe.
    15. Untie the tourniquet with your left hand, the patient will unclench the fist.
    16. With your left hand, press the plunger and slowly inject the medication. In the syringe should remain 0.5-1-2 ml.
    17. Attach a new ball with alcohol to the injection site, pull out the needle. The patient should bend the arm for 5 minutes to avoid bleeding.

    How to make an injection to the cat and dog

    As always, we take the medicine into the syringe, let the air out before the liquid appears. Then fix the cat so that she was lying on his stomach. On her neck, collect the skin in one fold. Hold the syringe parallel to the spine, making an injection.

    It is right for the dog to give an injection to the zone of the withers - subcutaneously, and to the back group of the thigh muscles - intramuscularly. Remember, performing injections requires certain skills and abilities. Just reading the instructions is not enough to avoid possible negative consequences with health. We also advise you to watch the video below on how to make injections correctly.

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