• How to make light lips

    You will need
    • - a pencil for lips of a corporal or light-beige tone,
    • - a pencil for lips on tone is more dark, than the first;
    • - foundation of light tone;
    • - special lipstick nude or very light;
    • - Clear matte lip gloss.
    The style of applying decorative cosmetics, when the color of the lips is light and practically blends with the skin tone, is called nude (from fr. - naked). If you decide to use this makeup option, then note that it is especially effective if your skin is quite well-groomed and smooth, has a good color. Therefore, take care beforehand to even out the skin tone and pick up a foundation of such a shade so as not to look painful and untidy.
    Moisturize lips with a special remedy or balm. Do not forget about this, because from the foundation the skin of the lips dries out and after a while there is a feeling of its weathering and dehydration. Apply to them the foundation that you used for the face. Its quantity should not be large.Carefully blend it evenly on the lips. Wait a little, so that the cream is absorbed into the skin of the lips, then blot the excess with a dry cloth.
    Take a pencil for the lips of the lightest tone and gently circle the contour of them, slightly receding beyond the natural line of the lips. Draw the lips with this pencil, lightly touching their surface. Pressing is not necessary. Blend the pencil with the sponge.
    Circle the lips along the contour with a darker lip pencil. Though darker, it should not be too bright. Optimally, if his tone is close to the natural tone of your lips. Apply lipstick on lips or cover them with matte gloss. A well-chosen shine to look more easily and naturally than lipstick.

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