• How to make marmalade?

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    How to make marmalade?

    Home-made marmalade has an amazing taste and is very aromatic. But most importantly - it does not contain dyes and additives. It is prepared very simply. How to make marmalade at home from fruits and fruits, described below.

    Cooking pear marmalade

    To make such marmalade, you need to prepare these ingredients:

    • sugar - 400 g;
    • pears (any variety) - 1.2 kg;
    • water - 300 ml.

    Cooking marmalade consists of these steps:

    1. Wash the pears and cut them into small pieces, remove the stalks and seeds from them, and then boil them in water until soft.
    2. Pull the prepared fruit and wipe through a sieve.
    3. On the basis of water and sugar, boil a thick syrup, cool a little and pour into a pear mass.
    4. Spread the mass in the form, cool, and then shift the finished marmalade on the dish.

    Cooking apple marmalade

    To make homemade apple marmalade, the following ingredients are needed:

    • granulated sugar - 1 kg;
    • sweet and sour apples - 2 kg.

    This marmalade is prepared this way:

    1. Rinse the apples under running water, cut them into pieces and remove the core.
    2. Heat the oven to 160 degrees, put the fruit pieces on a baking sheet and bake.
    3. Wipe the cooled apples through a sieve and transfer the resulting mass to the pan.
    4. Put the container on the fire and bring to a boil, then add sugar there and boil everything until the mass is homogeneous.
    5. Put the resulting marmalade into molds and cool.

    Cooking marmalade from oranges

    To make this marmalade you need the following ingredients:

    • sugar - 2.2 kg;
    • water - 500 ml;
    • the pulp of oranges - 2.2 kg.

    To make such marmalade it is necessary to do the following:

    1. Pulp oranges pour sugar and mix everything thoroughly.
    2. Add water to the main ingredients and put on fire
    3. Boil the mass until it is neglected, then the resulting marmalade must be disintegrated in molds, and then cooled in the refrigerator.

    Cooking Cherry Marmalade

    The original taste has a marmalade of cherries.For its preparationI require the following ingredients:

    • sugar - 1.2 kg;
    • cherry - 2 kg;
    • juice from any varieties of apples - 800 ml.

    The process of making this marmalade is:

    1. Take the cherries, rinse, separate from the seeds and grind through a sieve.
    2. Mix the resulting mass with sugar and apple juice.
    3. Put the ingredients on the fire and boil down to a thick state.
    4. Pour the finished marmalade in shape and cool.

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