• How to make melt water?

    In the article I will give you some good ways to make melted water. These methods are perfect for those who want to prepare melt water in urban environments. You will also learn how to make meltwater if you live outside the city. And, of course, we will devote some space to the proper use of melt water. And we will begin with how to turn heavy tap water into healthy melted water.

    How to make melt water from a tap

    • The so-called heavy or "deuterium" water is almost always present in the tap - although in small quantities (about 100-150 mg per 1 l), but its effect on the body is extremely unfavorable. In order to separate the heavy and melt water, you need to slightly freeze the tap water. The fact is that heavy water freezes already at a temperature of about +3 degrees Celsius. "Heavy" ice accumulates on the bottom and on the walls of the vessel and forms thin plates throughout the entire volume of cooled water. In the future, ordinary ice begins to freeze on these plates.Here it will help: gradually freeze the water, and as soon as the crystals of heavy deuterium ice reach 1-2 mm in thickness, simply pour water into some other container through gauze, and then freeze it. This operation is best done in the winter: on the balcony or on the street. I must say that the volume of heavy water can be up to 70% of the total volume of poured tap water.
    • The next method is that a small amount of tap water must be quickly brought to 95-96 degrees, which is often called the "white key" temperature. You are familiar with this state of water - when it forms small bubbles in the water, and the formation of large ones has not yet started. As soon as the water reaches the temperature of the "white key", remove the pan from the heat and cool quickly by placing it in a bath with cold running water. Thanks to this treatment, you will get excellent water with an ordered structure.
    • The following method was proposed by a well-known specialist in water treatment, Yu.A. Andreev. He proposed to combine the two previous methods. First you need to separate the heavy and melt water by the first method, and then subject it to degassing.The healer claims that such water is truly healing, and perfectly helps with problems with the gastrointestinal tract - the gastrointestinal tract.

    Thawed and rainwater

    For those who live outside the city, there is no problem with melt water. In order to get it, you just need to melt the snow in winter. As for rainwater, experts do not recommend using it, since it is not known which clouds floated over your house. Well, you need to take the snow dry and clean, preferably freshly fallen, or old, but one that lay among the trees in the leeward or shady places. It is necessary to thaw snow in an enameled bucket, which should be closed with a lid. Pay attention: on the walls of the bucket there should not be a gummy sediment, as this water is completely unsuitable for consumption. Then the resulting water must be filtered through gauze (in two layers), after which it can be drained into a clean glass dish and closed. Store this water can be no more than a week. Well then - how to prepare the melt water, you already know, and now a few words about its use.

    Treatment with melt water

    You can take it 2-3 cups a day, but you need to drink immediately after thawing, as to achieve a therapeutic effect, its temperature should not be above +10 degrees.It is better to drink a glass of water in one sitting and in small sips, holding the water in your mouth. One month after the start of the treatment with melt water, you will notice that the body has become stronger, you will begin to feel better. As for the time when you need to drink melt water, it is best to do this during a meal - for example, in between meals. And one more tip: for taste, you can add a little sea salt to the melt water at the rate of 1 g per 10 liters, or a certain amount of mineral water.

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