• How to make portals in minecraft?

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    How to make portals in minecraft?

    A portal is a structure that helps a player move from one place or dimension to another. In the standard package, there are two dimensions: the Lower World and the Ender World. In the remaining measurements you can go by installing the necessary modifications. So, let's find out how to make portals in Minecraft and what we need for that.

    Creation of a portal to the Lower World in Minecraft

    In order to make a portal to Hell, you will need fourteen blocks of obsidian. You can get them by finding lava in the dungeon and flooding it with water. In addition, obsidian can be mined with a diamond pick. The portal to hell is four blocks wide and five blocks high. Sometimes the corner blocks are not installed (to save obsidian), but even without them the portal works great.

    To activate the portal, you need to arm yourself with a lighter (crafted from silicon and metal ingot, which, in turn, is smelted in a furnace of iron ore) and set fire to any of the obsidian blocks.The space inside the portal will acquire a texture with curls and turn purple. This means that the portal can be used.

    For more information on how to make a portal to hell, see the article How to make a portal to hell in Minecraft.

    Manufacturing of a portal in Krai to Minecraft

    Before you learn how to make the portal of the Dragon of the Edge, you will have to find a fortress, and in it is a room with a destroyed portal.

    The fortress can be found with the help of the Eye of the Edge. It is created from the Pearl of the Edge (falls after the murder of the wandering Edge) and fire powder (crafted from the fire rod that falls from Ifrit in the dimension of Hell). In order to find a fortress through the Oka edge, you need to pick it up and press the right mouse button. The eye will rise up and fly a little towards the portal (which is located exclusively in the fortress). You need to go in the direction where the eye flew. After a short distance, the eye will fall, you need to pick it up and repeat the procedure until you reach the fortress.

    You will have to stock up on several eyes, because sometimes they fall off when falling. Once you have found the portal, you will need to activate it.To do this, insert the missing eyes of the Edge into the empty slots of the frame.

    Creating a portal to Heaven in Minecraft

    This portal works with modification. To make a portal to Paradise, you will need fourteen blocks of luminous stones (mined with a pickaxe enchanted on the “Silk Touch” or by combining four units of luminous dust that falls upon the destruction of the luminous stone in the Lower World dimension) and a bucket of water. A bucket is made of three metal bars, and there should be no problems with finding sources of water. The frame of the portal to Heaven is created on the same principle as the portal to Hell, and then water is poured inside.

    More information about this can be found in the article How to make a portal to Paradise.

    How to make a portal to the Twilight Forest in Minecraft

    To work you need a mod. Unlike other portals (except the portal to the Land), the portal to the twilight forest is horizontal. In order to build it, you need to lay out twelve blocks of earth in such a way that an empty space of two to two blocks is formed inside. The resulting frame must be planted with flowers (on all twelve blocks around the perimeter).The space inside should be poured with water and thrown in a diamond. After that, there will be an explosion, indicating that the portal to the Twilight Forest is ready.

    How to make a portal to space in Minecraft

    This portal requires. To create this portal, arm yourself with fourteen metal blocks (obtained by combining nine metal ingots) and a lighter. Raise the standard frame and set it on fire.

    Important! Before you go into space, do not forget to wear a spacesuit (crafting in the same way as usual armor, only from blocks of wool).

    Creation of a portal to the moon in Minecraft

    The portal to the moon also works with GalacticCraft. You can go to the moon with a rocket. So, for this trip you will need to build a launch pad, build and install a rocket, organize the supply of fuel and refuel the rocket. In order to learn more about how to make this portal, watch a small training video.

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